Monday, March 28, 2011

Wandering Mind: Somewhere in Khalidiya

Before the month of March will commence, I need to add something to this blog. Unfortunately, I often find myself staring blankly into space and have nothing interesting to share. I was planning on posting my trip to Baguio which was eons ago. But, time seems to fly when my boss is yakking away from his phone and barking instructions to all of us. How I'd love to share everything I know.

Here's a little view of the current city I am living at, Abu Dhabi. One of the major thriving cities in the Emirates, Abu Dhabi continues to grow economically and it is obviously visible to its booming infrastructure activities. Buildings are sproutig everywhere, tunnels and roads are constantly modified and shops or brands all over the world have opened their branches here in the malls.

This city is a muslim country, however, over the years, it has loosen its belt to accommodate the increasing expats who want to live and work here. Although, one would still feel a bit wary wearing shorty shorts/skirts when going out, but from time to time, you'd see someone wearing such out in the streets. Still, for those who are planning to move here in th city, it is best to respect this country's culture. Wear decent clothes when out in the public.

Despite its being conservative when it comes to dressing up, many international clothing brand opened to do business here. Brands such as Mango, Zara, Aeropostale, Esprit, Liz Clairborne, Nautica, Massimo Dutti and etc.,

Most of these shops can be found inside few of the big malls in the city such as Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall, Al Wahda Mall and Khalidiya Mall.

Sheesh. Talking about clothes makes me want to go out and have a mini-shopping spree even if its still a few days away from payday just to relieve me of my stress. However, for those who want to still spend cash but scrimping on some moolah, there are some shops scattered around the city where your can buy good stuff to wear the fashionista way, but that would have to wait till my next post. I'll make a list and how to get there.

For the meantime, salivate a bit on those clothes you see behind clear glass displays inside the mall.