Monday, January 6, 2014

Shakin' Shake Shack

The food adventure continuous.

A while back, I posted a blog about checking out IHOP in Dubai.  Next to the restaurant is another joint that looks interesting.  It was a burger joint that doesn't have too much decor on its interior but the queue is long it's a sign that they are probably serving good food.  It certainly is all about the burger at Shake Shack.

Who would have expected that a restaurant with a name as Shake Shack spells fab burgers.  Of course, beef burgers often go hand in hand with a vanilla milkshake.  A lethal combination to guarantee a coronary blockage.  But! Let us forget about that for awhile, besides, I haven't eaten a beef burger for months already.  Beef is not a star on our grocery list - so it is always a treat to have some.

Since visiting Dubai is always reserved for long weekends and holidays, we thought testing Shake Shack goodies will just have to wait.  So while I was hungrily checking their menu, turned out they have already opened one in Abu Dhabi at Dalam Mall.  Hooray!

Truly Dalma Mall is a dark horse when it comes to shopping and dining.  I'm beginning to like this mall already.  As you would know, I am partial of Al Wahda mall.  Aside from being near our home it has everything I need.  Anyway, the Shake Shack is not hard to miss as you approach the mall a signage in metallic silver can be seen from afar.

The menu was not so extensive.  It was basically burgers, fries, hotdogs, shake and frozen custard.  For the menu click here.

The ambiance of the restaurant was lay back and relaxing.  Late diners occupy some of the wooden tables with an engraved logo of the joint.  It was pretty cute.  Also, it was noteworthy that their wooden chairs are really sturdy.  The design looks like the basic foldable picnic chairs but it holds.

So here is what we have ordered:

Shack stack - AED 37.00
Single Cheeseburger - AED 28.00
Single Shack Attack - AED 21.00
Single Design your Own concrete - AED 12 + 3 (addition of Peanut Butter Sauce)
Cheese Fries - AED 18.00

The overall meal experience was satisfying.  I was not so happy with the concrete.  I was expecting it would be like milk shakes.  I guess I ordered the wrong item.  Turned out the milk shakes were at the other side of the menu.  My mistake.  Usually frozen goods are listed right next to the desserts.  My husband liked it though.  We'd probably visit it again the next time we visit Mussafah area.