Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saying Goodbye to an Alma Mater

I would have continued enumerating my Marisian highlights as what I have previously posted, but then I have a changed of heart.

It would be so fun to share more stories on how our speech lab gives me the creeps or the mysterious happenings during camping inside the campus.  The gossips and food shared on the red table that is not really red.  Or on how it never occurred to me why that space on the third floor of the library building is called Admin Bldg.  I could go on but then the inevitable point came where I needed to move out of that zone.  Yes, graduating.       

UCB - United Chrysolite Babes and Bugoys

In as much as most kids these days just can't wait to grow up and be a kolehiya, they don't really know what it is like to be a grown up.  They think they know - being a grown up means you have to be responsible.  Being a grown up you have to make decisions.  Being a grown up is just plain boring.

Saying goodbye to Stella Maris was bittersweet.  High school was so much fun.  Well for me it was.  High school meant I'm in that point where I can plan for my future but still remain childish.  I could joke around with my teachers and not be scared being graded while doing so ( I think!).  I have discovered that treating your teacher as some sort of a friend than a witch is much better for my learning.

Graduation could mean a lot of things for anybody  It was the culmination of all your hard work.  If it was enough for you to enter the world of collegiate.  It also means that you have to pass certain points to get into your preferred course.  It means you have to march on that stage with your head held high while your parents vigorously clap their hands knowing you have yet made a milestone in their plan for your future.  Graduation means you are almost ready to be an adult.

But for me graduation was something else, it was saying goodbye to all the 139 faces I see everyday for the past 12 years.  It was giving more space on the red table so somebody else could form friendships there.  It was returning all books so somebody else could learn from it too and perhaps doodle a little on the edges.  It was dancing one last time on the dirt covered ground for our field demo.  Pockets of good memories that could be a good topic when you meet up with old friends in the future.  That is just for me, I don't know what other 139 memories my classmates have in their pockets.

One thing is for certain though, we have one common memory that I am pretty sure that we will never ever forget.  Our graduation song.  You see, in Stella Maris we don't just adapt any inspiring song to be sung during our graduation rites, we make them.  So here is our graduation song, well just the lyrics, which sometimes I find myself singing while in the shower.

A Graduate's Farewell
by: Carnelian Class'96-'97

Look at us
See what we have become 
Feel our pride and happiness
See how far we have gone

We have reached the end of the path
Here lies the crossroads of life
Another adventure is about to begin
But do we have to say goodbye?

When the roads are too many
And we're too confused to choose
There is his rod to aid
And keep our pace
And wherever these roads roads lead
However far
Forget me not my friend as you and I
Reach our lives farthest star

Everybody bidding goodbye
Going ahead with their own journey
But I love you my dear friend
And before you leave
I have something to say
Through the blowing winds of time
We will leave nothing behind
(some lines missing...sorry)

Look at us..see what we have become   

And the song still rings truth.  We may have all went our separate ways but a Marisian will always be a brother or a sister to the rest of the Marisian community.  So I guess it will never be a goodbye, maybe its just a see-you-later thing.