Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bangkok Bits

We did a little document purging last night I found this Bangkok city map.  Like most of this informative maps, they are full of bits and trivia about the city you are exploring aside from giving you details on what to visit and how to get there.  Here are some bits and pieces from the map.

* The Golden Buddha of Wat Traimit

- If you've ever wondered what 5.5 metric  tons (5,500 kilograms) of solid gold might look like, go see for yourself at Wat Traimit, located at the southern end of Bangkok's Chinatown district.  The chief attraction of the Wat (Temple) is the fabulous Golden Buddha, the world's largest solid gold statue.  Today the Golden Buddha sits in a new building which was built to house and protect the 3.91 meter  tall image.  At current market value the gold in the statue alone is worth over $260,000,000, but, of course, as an item of historical and religious significance its true value is incalculable.   Open from 8 am to 5 pm.

* Bangkok Dusit Zoo

- In Bangkok for a few days with the family and don't know what to do with your little monkeys?  Take them to the zoo!  Bangkok's Dusit Zoo is one of Asia's finest, and provides a fun-filled and inexpensive day out for your family.  The Zoo was established in 1938 on 118 rai (over 46 acres) in the heart of the historic Rattanakosin area of downtown Bnagkok, and is the oldest zoo in Thailand.

     entry fees:  Foreigners - 100 Baht for adults; 50 Baht for children
                        Thais - 50 Baht for adults; 10 Baht for children

     hours:  open every day from 8 am to 6 pm
     add:  71 Rama V Road, Chitrlada Sub-district, Dusit District Bangkok
     getting there:  the easiest way to get to the zoo is by taxi - if the driver doesn't understand             "Dusit   Zoo" just say "Su-an Cow Din", and that should do the trick.  alternatively, the following bus lines go past the zoo: Bus No. 18, 28, 108; Airconditioned Bus No. 528, 515, 539 and 542

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dental Care in Abu Dhabi

January 2015 is certainly a month full of actions.  And I must say it is a mixture of excitement and uncertainty.  First week of the year started with a little spike of sugar and spice and everything ended up being nice.  Anyway, I had my first tooth extraction yesterday.  Yes, you have read it right, first.  After finally reaching the age beyond the calendar days, it was time for me to experience what my brother usually calls it a traumatic affair on a chair. 

pic grab from net

I was never afraid of dentists.  Back then, my monthly visits to this doctors only consists of cleaning and little check up then an ice cream treat.  Most of my melt teeth just voluntarily fell off or on special occasion my Tatay will tie a thread around the wobbly tooth and give it a quick thug and its off.  No injections and other steel instruments that entered my mouth.  Until yesterday.  I guess I could say now I know how my brother feels when he is reminded about his dental appointment.

The day of extraction started out in a haze.  Did my usual morning routine then I'm off to the city.  The first hitch was the bus was probably stuck somewhere unknown because I was standing at the bus station for nearly half an hour!  I kept on checking my watch while on the bus, my appointment was 10:15 am and by 10:10 am I am still inside the bus. Grrr.  When I finally alighted, I have to sprint (gracefully) to the clinic.  I arrived at exactly 10:20 am so it was immediately my turn to sit on that dreadful chair.  A quick chat with the dentist and my complain I was immediately told to open my mouth for the 4 or 5 injections. Whoa! No gel? Yes, no numbing gel.  Then some time to let the anesthesia work its magic while my heart was racing like a bullet train and I was wringing my fingers but trying to appear unconcern about the whole situation.  The assisting nurse noticed and began comforting me.  I must have probably looked so terribly because they (the nurse and the dentist) were trying to cheer me up they even gave me a cup of pineapple juice to calm my nerves.  My hands were so cold.  After a lengthy speech of comfort about the extraction not being to painful it was time to brace my head and open my mouth.  Everything happened quickly though, it was not as painful as I have anticipated but still it hurts.  I cried a little (hey, it was my first time I have that excuse).

The deed was done no less than 10 minutes.  A prescription and a receipt later, I was already walking towards the bus station again.  I wanted to curl up and sleep and forget how everything happened.  But, I have to be practical went home prepared lunch so I could take the antibiotic prescribed.  Ending, I'm now officially pangag (toothless), but you won't know it. 

For those needing dental care as we know that most medical insurance in Abu Dhabi doesn't cover dental here are some two Filipino dentists for your information:

Dr. Eriberto L. Alameda Jr.
Al Dana Medical and Dental Centre
Tel. No. 02 678 1331; 02 672 4052
P.O. Box 26156, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
(the clinic is on the second level of the Philippine House building along Najda St.,)
Tooth Extraction:  AED 400
Wisdom Tooth Extraction:  AED 1000
Root Canal: AED 1400
Filling:  AED 250

Dr. Emmy

Ibn Sina Medical CentreTel : 02 6816400     Fax : 02 6816404
P.O.Box 3084
New Al Manara Pharmacy Building
Zayed 2nd St. Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Tooth Extraction:  AED 500
Filling:  AED 350
Wisdom Tooth Extraction:  AED 1000

Also here is another dentist, though haven't tried seems to cost reasonably

Appolonia Dental Centre
Tel: +971 2 6444220 ; +971 2 6660997 Fax: +971 2 6672235
P.O. Box 25744, Abu Dhabi, Zayed 2nd St., UAE Khalidya Area
(the clinic is in the building of K.M. Trading Khalidiya)
Tooth Extraction:  AED 350
Wisdom Tooth Extraction:  AED 1000 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Abu Dhabi Bus Guide

Being in Abu Dhabi for over four years now still doesn't make me a good commuter.  I could still get on the wrong bus.  What's worst is, I even advice other passengers on what bus to take to where ever they are going.  Imagine the fate of those people.  If only I could control myself from giving out unsolicited advices on bus routes.

Anyway, below are bus numbers and buildings and establishments that I am PRETTY SURE will be part of their respective route. 

Buses that pass along Hamdan Street:
These buses were the first buses I have taken when I first came here in Abu Dhabi.  I had some adventures with these buses.  Here's to hoping that a few of us will no longer get lost.

Bus No. 5 - Along Hamdan Street, If you need to to Central Souk, Hamdan Center, Al Noor Hospital, Ahlia Hospital, Spinneys Corniche, Corniche and Marina Mall

Bus No. 8 - only a part of Hamdan Street, turns to Madinat Zayed where Taza is located, Lifeline Hospital then Electra Street.  It will go straight to Khalidiya area turns left of Shining Tower and Khalidiya Mall.

Bus No. 54 - along Hamdan Street, Central Souk then turns to Airport Road.  This bus will pass through Al Wahda Mall and go straight to Muroor behind Mushrif Mall.  If you need to go to Dusit Thani Hotel and Abu Dhabi bus station this is the bus number.

Bus No. 11 - it will pass along Passport road (if I am correct) this is the street where Al Wahda mall is located.  It will also go to Spinneys Corniche, Corniche and Marina Mall.

Bus No. 34 - Along Muroor road, Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi bus station, Dusit Thani Hotel

Bus No. 44 - this bus will pass by a potion of Muroor road and after Police College will turn towards Airport road and will pass by Mushriff mall then Karama St., (if you need to go to CosmeSurge clinic this is the bus).  It will also pass by Electra Street.

Bus No. 56 - Muroor Road, Dusit Thani Hotel, Abu Dhabi Bus Station and Al Wahda Mall

That's it for now.  I hope this helps though.  If not you can't go wrong if you ask the driver if it passes through the establishment you are going or fellow passengers.  Just make sure its not me though.  *wink*