Thursday, September 30, 2010

METRO MANILA: The Shopping Mecca of the Philippines

I always look forward when summer vacation is almost over.  Weird, right?  I mean, most kids would have loved to extend the summer for another month of beach frolicking and lazing around.  But, hey, this is just me.  It’s not that I love school so much that I’d like to spend my entire year in it.  What I love about this time is we could finally take our family vacation.  While everyone else were nursing hangovers from their summer vacation, my family are still packing to take our own vacation.  Another thing that makes me so excited aside from flying off to somewhere is the moment when we are going to buy school supplies.  Geeky thing, but truly one of my favorite moments way back, this is because I get to buy my school stuff away from my hometown which again, makes all my stuff more special than the rest of my would be classmates, or so I think.

Back in the mid-1980’s  my hometown is not that blessed yet with malls equipped with a wide variety of school supplies.  So for those who want to stand out among the crowd in owning the only Princess Jasmin pencil case, you have to buy your stuff somewhere else.  And I’m lucky enough to have that opportunity.  And yes, I was the only one with a Princess Jasmin pencil case back then.  So where do we usually buy our “special” school supplies?  Where else? But Metro Manila.

Even after all these years of flying to and from Manila.  I’ll never understand the maze of cities it covers.  I absolutely have no idea where the first city ends and where another city starts.  So let’s just zoom in to one particular city where you can do shopping without breaking a sweat.  Welcome to Makati city.

This city is considered the central business district of Metro Manila.  Aside from the prestigious companies taking offices in the high rise buildings of this city, malls are everywhere.  The Shoe Mart (SM), Rustan’s, Glorietta and Landmark.  The Greenbelt, though not really a mall but sort of a bridge that connects Ayala area to Landmark it also holds few shops like my favorite bookstore .  This bookshop can offer hundreds of books from around the world.  Though a bit pricey, the book is worth its value.  This is because, some of this books are not available in other bookstores.  Another plus factor of Powerbooks is if in case payday is still far from being reality, you can read your fresh from the press books for free.  Find a nook or a comfortable corner within the shop and have a go with the book. 

The Landmark is a shopper’s ideal place for bargain hunting.  click here to continue reading

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