Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cheap Eats Abu Dhabi

There will always be a time within the working week, that you'd get bore of the usual home cook food and end up buying fast food. This also happens, if you got out of work late and too lazy to cook. This is the moments that keep fast food alive. But if you're keeping a tight hold of your wallet, fast food doesn't really have to be quite expensive to give you a satisfying fill.

For the last 6 months, I have discovered a few names of fast food that are cheap, satisfying and delivers. Delivery is a gift to all the couch potatoes and busy peeps.

First in the recommended cheap eat is Taza. If you are Filipino this is definitely the place to be. Taza chicken taste almost the same as the Filipino's Favorite fast food chain - Jollibee. Minus the gravy, the garlic dip is compensating enough. A broasted meal includes 4 pieces of chicken, a handful of fries and bread with drink for only AED 16. If you want an additional garlic dip you only have to pay for AED1. There are two branches of Taza in Abu Dhabi - one is in Hamdan area and one at Abu Dhabi Mall.

Next is Sea Shells. Not really the typical fast food type but still sells the basic sandwich and fries combo meal. This restaurant gives quick fix for the hungry working class without bruising the pocket. A favorite ordered items are egg omelette sandwich and fries which costs AED 3 and AED 4 respectively. The egg omelette is a scrambled egg with fries and tomato wrapped in kubus. Worth every penny paid for it.

Another delivery joint favorite is Lebanese Flower. This is one of the famous Arabic restaurants here in Abu Dhabi. Famous for their roasted chicken and kababs. One whole chicken with fries, kubus and usual dip costs AED 36.00. Another hunger buster and easy order is their shawarma and chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich is a must try. Roasted chicken with garlic sauce and pickle is sandwiched panini style, only cost AED 7.

Cheap but very good shawarma are also available from Automatic and Lulu supermarket, which costs AED 5 and AED 4 respectively.

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