Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 40th UAE!!!

December here in UAE started with a bang. As in an actual bang. At exactly 8:00 pm of November 30, 2011 fireworks lighted up the Abu Dhabi night. Watching the fireworks at corniche is the way to start off the holiday.

First is to celebrate the new Hijri and to celebrate the 40th National day of UAE. Everywhere you go the city is alive even at 11 pm. The city is still buzzing with excitement.

On the first day, 01 December 2011. All malls in the city is doing fabulous discounts on their merchandises. Sad to say, most of the working class (expats particularly) don't have enough moolah to splurge on this amazing sales. Most salaries were not released before the holiday starts. So we make do with window shopping.

As per schedule for December 2, 2011 another fireworks display is to be held at corniche again. We went there to witness the show. And honestly, it was packed. Literally packed wtth so many spectators who also would want to watch the show. The show was supposed to start at 8:40 pm - 8:50 pm. The 10-minute show would be highly anticipated since it was posted on the monthly scheudle of Abu Dhabi.
A good lesson to remember on this day, being it the official national day of celebration for UAE, it is not recommended to roam around the city when 4 pm starts. Every street corner is clogged. Cars beautifully decorated are everywhere. The color of the UAE flag is pasted, painted and decorated into every sizes of car flock the streets.

It was riot in a good way. It was like a street party. Kids running around spraying snow sprays and confetti's to passers by. My husband and I were one of the hundred victims. But we jsut shrugged it off in the spirit of the celebration.

We stayed at the corniche until 10 pm but no fireworks display. Must have been mixed up information on what is the schedule for the holidays.

If you didn't see the air show and firework display. Or if you haven't enjoyed the discounted rates on the store. There will always be next year. It would help if we prepare for it and enjoy it with a bang.

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