Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Spend Christmas in Abu Dhabi

For the neophytes, spending Christmas abroad is the most difficult hurdle to overcome. I am one of those few who spent it with my husband and away from the boisterous party with the rest of my ramily. Honestly, it went well, not a single tear was shed. At least not from my end. Now, how to beat the homesickness feeling, which is heightened by this season? I could list a few things to do, if you are given the day off to celebrate it. Most companies give their Christian employees day off to celebrate christmas. So here are some of the things you could do.

A. Hit some Pins:
If most of you at home are single and slightly alone, why not go to the malls and test your skills in bowling. Most of the malls have bowling alleys even for kids. Enjoy making fun of each other, bring some take outs and maybe do some exchange gifts. One game would cost AED 15 per head. Malls that have bowling alleys are Al Wahda Mall, Khalidiya Mall, Marina Mall and Al Mariah Mall.

B. Have a Picnic at the Park:
It's winter and its the perfect weather to stay outside. Set up that grill and prepare the barbeque. Do the "kamayan" party. It more fun when you dig your food using your hands. Don't forget to bring along the ice cold Coca Cola to complete the celebration. However, if you are under medication, be happy with water.

C. Go Malling
If you think Christmas is a foreign event here in the Middle East, think again. When you visit malls and even coffee shops, the halls are bedecked with green garnishes that Christmas is also here in Abu Dhabi. The tallest and biggest tree I've seen here is in Abu Dhabi Mall, right after you set off from the escalator you'd see the gigantic tree with complete christmas cottage and the sleigh.

Many shops are on sale. So malling could take up the entire day.

My first Christmas away from my faily zoomed so fast. I have no time to wallow in sadness. Good thing Skype is available - minus the hugs and kisses. It is still like we are almost together during Christmas.

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