Friday, March 9, 2012

Eating America

In celebration of a good month, I have decided to take my husband out on a date.  With AED 50.00 in my wallet I braved my way inside one of America's oldest and best loved neighborhood restaurant - Applebee's.

I was actually looking forward to try this restaurant ever since I heard that it opened in Mushrif Mall, I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so.  Applebee's is not your usual American fast food chain - like Mcdonald's, KFC, Hardee's, and Domino's.  Their food is more or less similar as of that with Chili's, Fuddruckers and TGIF's.  One big hearty American Meal. 

We ordered, buffalo wings, 7 oz. Classic Cut Steak and the Jalapeno Melt Cheese Burger with 2 Home brewed iced tea.

The Verdict:
   Iced Tea - Sorry to say I own the Filipino tongue when it comes to iced tea.  I'll never get used to the taste of the actual tea with syrup and ice.  It reminded me the first time I ordered iced tea in Hongkong - I was really disappointed - I'm not quite sure if its with my tongue or with the taste.

   Buffalo Wings - Smack! Smack! The right crisp of the chicken smothered with the sweet sauce is lip smacking.

   Jalapeno  Burger - First bite definitely has the right kick of chili, but I didn't actually bit into the burger, my oral cavity lacks the capacity.  The four inch high burger needs to be cut before you put it into your mouth.  The fries was also good.  Not the usual oily chips you order from fast food.  Because it was too huge for me to finish off, was not able to finish off the plate.  Now I understand what Adam Richman has to go through digging into huge servings of food.  Man vs Food - for this round Food won.

   Steak - The side dish, garlic mashed potato is absolutely good.  The pilaf rice complements the juicy steak.

Total Wallet Damage:  AED 136.00

The first Applebee's in Abu Dhabi is in Mazyad Mall near Mohammad Bin Zayed City.  The second one is the one we visited is in the 3rd floor of Mushrif Mall.

That late lunch was enough to fill us until tomorrow.  I was so full I forgot about the missing moolah in my pocket - my husband ended up paying for the meal. *wink*wink* Maybe I should do this often.


  1. All these food made me crave! :D I'm a fan of burgers, steaks and buffalo wings~ As for iced tea, I think we're quite the opposite 'cause I find Pinoy iced tea too sweet and flavorful for my palate. I somehow prefer those with stronger tea taste.. :)

  2. ang yummy ng food! :D hehe
    even though sanay taung guys ang first move, minsan maganda din tlga na tau ang magyaya ng date specially pag super busy na sa work c hubby! sweet! <3