Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three Countries in One Day

So the long weekend for Eid al Fitr has finally passed, and we spent it glued to the tube.  Seriously, while everyone else we know frolicked under the sun, we jumped from one channel to another just because its free!  No, I will not be talking about the free cable channels. 

I was berating my husband for not making any plans for the long weekend - sad to say because we were both so wrapped up with the door thing.  We currently don't have a doorknob.  Don't ask, I might end up complaining about our real estate agent. hmp!

Anyway, since we didn't have any reservations for the first and second day of Eid, hubby woke me up early and promised to take me around the globe in one day.  I jumped into the shower and some coffee.  He took out our emergency bag and filled it out with chips and then we're off.  Road trip!

First stop. IKEA! Imagine my glee when I noticed the road we are heading.  So we had Swedish breakfast.  We had their breakfast meal plus waffles and refillable coffee.  We didn't linger inside the store because we need to take a longer trip from Abu Dhabi.

Second stop, yes, its in Dubai.  We decided to do some early Christmas shopping.  Make the most of what ever is on sale.  For lunch, we had an American meal.  Nope its not the big yellow M logo with it.  We opted to eat healthy and go for Subway.  Healthy subs plus cookies is the perfect lunch while shopping.

For our last stop we decided to try out the newly opened Filipino restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Max's Friedn Chicken.  The restaurant is located in Khalifa St. in Abu Dhabi.  It is at Corcniche Apartment building at "R" floor.  We were excited to try it since, it has been a while since we ate something Filipino.

Once you the elevator doors opened at level "R" we were warmly greeted by the hostess.  There is a queue for the table.  So she got our name and we sat at the waiting area.  The restaurant was buzzing.  Every Filipino was excited to try out Max's.  Good thing the waiting didn't take that long.  We were seated and our orders were taken.  After 15 minutes our order came and we dive in.  We had Max's platter and Max's basic and Chicken sisig.  I'm not a sisig eater but husband told me to try it, and amazingly it was good.  Everything was good.  It tastes like being back at home. *sigh*  downside though, the plates were oily.  It felt like it was not properly washed?  I'll let is pass, being it newly opened and too busy with customers.  Total wallet damage was AED 84.00 not bad.  Not bad at all.

All in all we had a taste of three countries in one day.  Maybe next holiday we'll do this again and maybe this time we will have a plan.


  1. gaaaah, it must be amazing to hop in different places with the one you love. <3

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this day too though there were really no definite plans. Visiting Max's resto is also a nice change from the usual meal you get and more so, you'd feel closer to the Philippines :D

  3. hmmm...it's really good to eat=)

    I love the spring roll in Max's restaurant

  4. 3 countries in a day? WOW!
    Me? 1 country in 23 years. Haha.