Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Popcorn Heaven - Garrett's

It's December already!!  How else are you going to start it with but with a sweet bang!  Since we all know December is that time of the year when your gym's exercise routine gets lost.  It is also the time when you lose control with spending and when your waistband just miraculously expand with non-stop Christmas parties. My sweet treats started right in the first week of December when I saw the blue stripes logo of Garrett's at Dalma Mall in Mussafah.

Imagine my delight when I saw the shop.  Garrett's finally here in Abu Dhabi!  I don't have to run to Dubai just to have those sweet and salty popcorn.  Who could resist caramel covered popcorn while watching tv or a movie?  Garrett's leveled it up by adding nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashew.  Or if you want the old school type they also have the buttered popcorn and they also have the cheese if you prefer salty type of popcorn.  However, if you are like me who eat sweet and salty alternately, you can always the Chicago mix.  This is a combination of the caramel and cheese popcorn.  I'm not a big fan of cheese but it will do for the salt requirement.  The buttered popcorn was just too salty for my liking.

So, if you feel like indulging in good quality popcorn, visit Dalma Mall's Garrett's Popcorn.

You can never go wrong with that blue tin container (or pink tin container if you're in Singapore) - worth every penny, even Oprah voted this as one of her favorite things.

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