Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chicken Kitchen - First Chow Test of the Year

As 2014 kicked off with quite a bang, we started our "nom-nom" adventure with a chicken meal.

In one of those Fridays where we don't have a specific activity set, we found ourselves wandering around The Gourmet Republic of Al Wahda Mall's extension.  At 11 a.m. most of the restaurants there just opened.  So not much diners in the area.  Or maybe because only a few knew about the area.  On that floor, there was the Mc Cafe, Papa John's, Burger Bureau and Chicken Kitchen.  Since I was craving for anything chicken and fried we decided to give it a try.

The menu was simple, all chicken!  What else?!  I was sort of missing this fried chicken patty back at home so I scanned the menu for something similar to it.  Luckily there was, I just hope it tastes as good though.  I ordered the Chicken Schnitzel with fries and sauteed vegetables while hubby ordered the 1/2 rotisserie chicken and corn as side dish.  We ordered fountain soda a.k.a bottomless soda drinks.  I asked if I could get a glass of service water, turned out they don't provide one so I have to order a bottle of water. Bummer.

Our orders came after half an hour.  I don't know why it took that long, considering there was only me and my husband as their first customer.  They could have been prepared at 11:00 a.m.  Anyway, we were surprised with the size of the plate my order was placed.  It was huge.  I mean really really huge.  It took almost half of the table.  Presentation wise it was appealing.  So we dug in and first bite was okay, second bite it was not as appetizing as it looked.  My stir-fried vegetables were all so soggy and overcooked.  The chicken was coated with something sour and it just doesn't blend well with the crispy coating.  Husband's order was acceptable but honestly it was not as good as Kenny Roger's Roasters as what the waitress was bragging about.

The serving was huge.  So I was ready to pop when I finished 2/3 of my plate.  The over all experience was mixed.  The yellow rice that go with the roasted chicken was good.  The roasted chicken was juicy but not so tasty.  For the schnitzel, better not order it again.  It's not that good.  Unless you like crispy sour chicken for your meal.  We paid a total price of AED 125.00.  

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