Sunday, February 1, 2015

How Did You Find Your Ever After?

While sipping my first cup of green tea for the day, I am consciously contemplating whether to continue this post or not.  Ever since I opened up my topic to my husband I was endlessly teased to be too "cheesy."  Well, I am.  It's the first of February and what else can I think about but anything in red.  The happy kind of red.

I have finally decided.  So here it is fellow "cheezbols."  A few college semesters ago, my best friend and I made this study about real life love stories whether it was fated or just mere coincidence .  Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, we submitted it for our English subject as a pseudo feasibility study.  We did pretty good though.  Anyway, I digress.  We got our data from our classmates.  No, not their love lives, their parent's.  If they are luck to know their parent's stories.  You will be surprised some of those stories are just amazing, and you thought soap operas only exist in TV.

I would love to post two unforgettable stories we have included in our study unfortunately I don't have the permission to do so.  However, I think I am already in that age group where most people I know and acquainted with has already established their own love story.  And for this month, in celebration of heart's month, (I'm Filipino, I basically celebrate any occasion in long period like Christmas), I would like to post some stories of people who found their way to their own ever after.

So here goes my golden question,....(embarrassed and wincing) would you like to be my subject?

I'd love to hear your story.  Of course I would ask for your permission before sharing it to my precious readers.  Otherwise, I would just like to know your story.  Maybe one day, when your kids are all grown up and suddenly ask you how and when your story started its always nice to reminisce.

I would be selfish if I wouldn't share mine, right?  Without sounding too korny, we laid eyes on each other while at a ravine.  Yes, its the most romantic place I could ever imagine.  Kidding aside, I was at a point in my life where I just want to work my arse off as I was still licking some wounds from a very terrible heartache.  That was 2003 fresh from board exam and too eager to practice my profession.  As I try to enjoy a life of freedom and meager earning I found a friend along the way.  We stayed friends for over a year and before we bid 2004 goodbye we were officially an "us."   Majority of our "us" was spent over text messages and long phone calls as he lives in Luzon and he is always assigned very far from the city.  We are lucky to meet once or twice a year if our leaves are granted at the same time.  I think we were one of the pioneering prepaid subscribers of sun cellular unli- text and call.  Cell sites are hard to come by on mountainous areas that is why calls are preferred and is considered an indulgence for both of us.  He has to go near a school flag pole just to get a signal, imagine my "kilig" for the things he does.  I guess this is the perfect moment to thank Sun Cellular for their unli- services.   Like all normal relationships we had some slight bumps before walking down the aisle.  But all in all, everything worked out just fine.

So, how about you?  How did you find your ever after?  I found mine during a sunny day full of dust and boulders while trying not to trip over and roll down the ravine.  Who would have thought I'd find mine there.  To quote Toni Gonzaga (Filipino Celebrity whoc recently got engaged)---- You don't chase love and friends....true love and true friends will just come. 

NOTE: So I noticed that nobody actually posted or even commented that they'd like to be my subject.  Hey, if you want to be anonymous, send me an email thru or send me a thumbs-up thru my facebook (if you are in my circle, sorry my profile is private)  please do let me know.. can't wait to hear your story! 


  1. This is a very interesting study :) I'm not yet married but I'm hoping my guy is for keeps. After almost 10 failed relationships, which lasted from only 1 month to 4 months, I found this guy and we've just celebrated our 4th anniversary. Everything happened when I started doubting love (if 10 failed relationships aren't enough for that). I went out with guys just for the kicks and when I thought I was already falling for this other guy, which I thought (Shit, I'm jumping the gun again. When will I learn?!), I tried to test him by telling him I wasn't a virgin anymore. (Not true btw LOL) He effin' changed and I've never felt so horrible. I was so frustrated I cried that night when Mico (my current bf) sent me a message thru FB. I was like (No way. Not anymore. I'm choosing the life of an old single hag.) I don't know why but he kept on making papansin that eventually he revived my comatosed heart haha! I could go all day on telling my story but point of the matter is, it's really true. He'll come the minute you start firing FUs to every guy who broke your heart and feel na magiging single kna lng forever. LOL Hope I helped :D

    1. Thanks thanks Ms. Eleigh for sharing your story. I was about to chuck this post thinking that people might find it inappropriate.

      Good to know that your current heart keeper is also your good friend. I'm no expert myself but it has been tried and tested that good relationships usually starts on the foundation of friendship. I pray that one day he will finally put a ring on it. :)