Saturday, May 14, 2011

Abu Dhabi My New Home

A month from today, I will officially be a year old here in Abu Dhabi. This is I guess, the longest time I have ever stayed in one foreign country. I have always wanted to try new places and experience their culture. I have my list of places to visit and Abu Dhabi is not in the list. This is maybe because I have so many misconceptions about this country. The nearest thing that I could associate myself with appreciating Middle East is Aladdin. I mean given the fact that Aladdin is a Disney creation, but still the sun and sand does not really appear so inviting.

After a year here, I’ve learned to love this country in little ways. However, I still have some issues to include in rather-forget-things/people/places list.

Let me start with my first misconception.

Desert land means no-fun land. This is where I am sorely mistaken and all those who have not stepped into UAE. Often, the idea of going to the Middle East is like going somewhere you want to dry out and die. Where vultures roam the sky waiting for you to slump down and dig into your own flesh. Right, that sounds, too disgusting. Moving on, the long stretch of sand dunes and glaring sun is only a portion of the country. And at the moment, is being used as a tourist attraction. The safari ride along the sand dunes is the new roller coaster nature style. Aside from sand dunes and glaring sun, Abu Dhabi has many luxurious parks where you can hide underneath the foliage of trees that surrounds the park. Enjoy a lazy afternoon with family and friends for a picnic. Roast something for a quick munch. Hotels and malls are sporadically scattered within the country and you can have a pick according to your budget. Feeling like a king and have the moolah to spend, there is always the Emirates Palace to splurge on. Restaurants are also everywhere for the picky eaters and food connoisseurs.

In terms of entertainment, Abu Dhabi does not run out of ways to entertain everyone in the country. International artists perform on concerts at the Yas Island almost every month. Aside from the dancing and singing marathon in the city, the Ferrari World theme park is always there to give you more thrill than from jumping with the crowd.

If you are more into soaking in the sun, the cornice is always open for everyone to take off their clothes (not in an obscene way) and soak in the sun. Enjoy water sports like jet skis and the likes. Along the cornice are some benches to just enjoy the view of the water. Grab a quick meal and have it on those benches. Or rent bikes and roam the whole stretch.

There are a hundred and more things to do in Abu Dhabi, but for now, this is the consolidated info.

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