Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shopping the new Hobby in Abu Dhabi

It is a common fact that most countries in the Middle East women and men wore certain clothes that basically covers the whole body. Women wore the abaya while men sport the thob or the kondura 24/7 whenever they go out in public. And one would wonder why franchises of designer clothes keep on opening everywhere in Abu Dhabi? I wondered the same thing. But then again, expats are aplenty in the country to make the shops worry about having to close up soon. Aside from the locals who live here, expats from all over the world have made Abu Dhabi as their second home thus the continuous sales revenue. Local women, despite being covered can also shop for designer clothes and they can show it off when they have gatherings.

Special occasion or not, where does one have to go to buy that perfect outfit? Malls in the city could readily cater to such needs. Here are some of the malls frequented by many of the shoppers:

Marina Mall – located near the Yacht Club. This mall houses plenty of designer shops. Shopping is not only activity you can do in this mall. A cinema that shows the latest and current movies is located at one end. And on the opposite end is the food court. The downside of this food court is that it only has a few restaurants and fast food chain. Right next to the fast food court is the entertainment area where kids can play around and take some rides. The mall also boasts of its grocery – which sells everything you need from electronics and appliances, to home accessories, to RTW’s, toys, clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables and the freshest meat. When your kids grow tired of the entertainment area why not try the skating rink. Or if you feel like being a recluse, find some coffee shop or restaurant at the farther end of the mall where you can have a cozy ambiance while sipping latte. For big events like anniversaries or perhaps a marriage proposal, the Tiara is always available to cater such a big event. This rotating restaurant is known for its cuisine and one of a kind view of the city.

Al Wahda Mall – If you are one of the few who prefer a more subdued mall, Al Wahda is the place. This mall does not have a cinema, but still delivers the need of the public in terms of shopping. One of the best bookstores here in Abu Dhabi is also located here – Magrudy's. All kinds of books are readily available in Arabic and in English. If they don’t have it, they can order it for you with no additional cost. Another must visit store in this mall is Daiso. A Japanese store that sells every bric-a-brac you could imagine for a lesser cost. Located at the basement of the building is the Lulu supermarket. Like Carrefour, Lulu supermarket also sells everything you need at home and other family activities.

Khalidiya Mall – Home of Krispy Kreme donut store, Khalidiya boasts its homey ambiance, unlike the other malls, Khalidiya Mall, is not that big but still deliver the usual elements you need from a mall. The royal cinema is always updated with current movies and it is not crowded. The food court is a must place to hang out. Plenty of fast food chains surround the 3rd level of the mall. You can binge your heart out. Lulu supermarket is also housed in this mall.

Abu Dhabi Mall – If you feel like splurging on some shopping like within the month, this is the place. When the salary date is still quite far, you can still shop without using too much of your moolah. But then, if you have tons of cc you can go all the way. A crowd pleaser is the Aeropostale shop. Near Starbucks coffee shop, this American brand has the latest trends in apparel. From shirts, to pants, shorts and other accessories, this shop often gives sale promotions like buy 1 take 1 or 60% discount on everything. Another must visit in Abu Dhabi mall is the Sharaf DG. The electronic shops that always give good prices and if you are looking for an item that they offering but out of stock, you’ll definitely get it for free. Or something like that. Abu Dhabi Mall is also in tandem with Abu Dhabi Coop for the grocery stuff.

Shopping never goes out of fashion in Abu Dhabi, there is always a reason to spend that moolah. So let your CC out of their hiding and do the swipe-swipe now.


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