Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Things I Would Have Done with My Tatay on Father’s Day

Father’s day went by like any other normal day. Albeit the buzz in the net and all around the world our office stayed cold and unfeeling about the whole idea of celebrating the day. Despite my distance from my Tatay, this does not hinder me to daydream a little of what we could have done during this day.

IKEA day – We could spend the entire day checking every item in IKEA. My father, who is a very good handyman in the house, loves to check out the latest innovations in house improvement or do it yourself renovations. He loves to tinker anything that needs tinkering. So a day in IKEA would definitely bring a smile to his face.

Fishing – The laziness of fishing suits my tatay well. Not that my tatay loves to laze around, but fishing is sort of a lazy activity. You cast your line. You sit. And then you wait. A moment of elation and a hurried unhooking activity is the exchange for hours of waiting. But I guess, this is fishing for my tatay a way of relaxing.

Eating Out – I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat out huh? Old or young, boy or girl, eating will always be fun. Tatay loves to eat, he wouldn’t be tagged the night crawler or the fridge invader for nothing. The key in fridge is not a hindrance at all. If my tatay is here, I’d probably take him to an eat all you can restaurant. Like Ponderosa, I have always wanted to try that restaurant, Tatay would definitely like to check out the there too.

Window shopping – This is I guess the best activity I could do with my Tatay. Window shopping is the last thing men would want to do, but my Tatay had his years of practice with Nanay when shopping for shoes, thus the patience to follow and look around with all of us. Tatay likes to window shop for any bric-a-brac or even shop small things that you might consider mundane. Even when he is travelling, sometimes his paslaubong is a door knob, but mind you, it’s a pretty good doorknob. Food for pasalubong is an old timer crowd pleaser but doorknob? It is something you would always remember. I did.

I could think of a lot of things that we could do. A hug would have been good to take away the homesickness feeling in my gut. But for now, I’ll just enjoy their voices over the phone and enjoy their pictures at Marina Bay with the rest of the gang.

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