Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bambu Restaurant - Abu Dhabi

When traveling, one of the interesting things to do in a foreign land is to eat. So let me tell you about good eats. I have always believed that the easiest way to know a city is through your belly. The local food, plus the ambiance and the people surrounding you is enough to distinguish one city from another. But for those who want to play it safe makes a head way to the nearest fast food chain when the meal time bell rings. International food chains are usually cheaper, recognized and too calorific.

Here in Abu Dhabi, I have discovered a few fast food chains that are worth the visit and no food poisoning episodes ever occurred (in my own opinion).

Recently, we visited this Asian-inspired buffet restaurant at the Abu Dhabi Marina Club – Bambu. We called for reservation on a Sunday. The location can be easily spotted since it’s the area between Le Meridien hotel and Abu Dhabi Mall. The entrance has an archway that states Abu Dhabi Marina Club. The parking lot was deserted at 7:50 pm. It was difficult to locate the restaurant. On one corner of the building there was a sign for Bambu, unfortunately, no door nearby. We looked for the entrance then we head straight into an arched entry way and asked the personnel on one of the open kitchen near the pool. Then finally we were pointed towards the restaurant.

Once you open the door, a small lanai will greet the guests. A small bridge runs over the garden and towards the bar section of the restaurant where you will be greeted by their waiters. We were herded to our table near the television. Although the restaurant was located by the shoreline, the view was covered with bamboo sheets. The buffet costs AED 175 per head inclusive of drinks if the drinks are excluded it will only cost AED 125. We chose the AED 125 buffet. This is a sit-down buffet where you can order the soups, the appetizers, main courses and desserts that you want. We tried almost everything in the menu, except some seafood. By the time we were half way through our main course we already felt like bursting. Though the servings were in small portion, the quantity of variety is plenty. We had to stop and was planning to skip dessert altogether. But the ever accommodating staff insisted we should try their dessert, and we did. I had fried ice cream. It was good, but not that great to be considered unforgettable.

We stayed up late to avoid getting nightmares because of full stomach ache (or so what our old folks say). If we will be asked if we would come back to Bambu again, we’d probably say yes, but not in the near future. The staff was ever accommodating, the food was good the restaurant needs refurbishment even the A/C needs to be changed. The only thing that lured us here is that they are serving pork. In Abu Dhabi, restaurants that serve pork is hard to come by.


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