Sunday, August 21, 2011

Abu Dhabi Iftar 2011

One of the most fascinating happening during Ramadan here in the Middle East is the way they carry out the whole routine for a solid month. For Catholics like me, is quite a feat already because I only get to fast from any indulgences for 3 days during the Holy Week. And sometimes, forgive me, I do it begrudgingly.

As we all know, Ramadan is the time when our Muslim brothers and sisters fast from sun-up until sun down. Until then, they break their fast for the day through Iftar meals. Iftar dinner is done after sunset and often began by eating dates and water. Since Ramadan is also a time to be charitable, many organizations, groups, families and companies, give iftar dinners. Our company recently just had one on 15 August 2011. As per our colleague who already had 3 Iftars with this company, this dinner gathering is basically the main celebration for the entire company for the year.

The dinner, per the invitation, starts at 7:00 pm. When we got there it was 7:15 pm and everybody was already eating! No tables available anymore. I say poor coordination or it whatever reason. But since we were assigned at the table near the big bosses, we were not able to eat immediately. Most of the attendees, after eating went out already or went home. Not much fuss over dinners like this one. Since the crowd is already thinning we decided to go back to the buffet area to get more food, but unfortunately, the staff were already doing the “buffet out.” It was exactly 8:00 pm and they are clearing out already. It was a sad dinner. I was not able to eat enough and enjoy their food.

Ramadan is almost over so no more Iftar dinners in almost all restaurants. I still have a long list of restaurants and fast food I would like to try before this month closes. Here’s my list:

Ponderosa – Caravan
Electra Street, Hamed Center
55 per head.    
Good food, nice place and very light I the pocket. Plenty of food to choose from - American/Mexican, Arabian and Italian. Sad part, the plates are too small! We have to go back to replenish. Must try their lemonade.

Beach Rotana Hotel
Tourist Club Area
Very nice place to dine out and have an intimate dinner, but the timing for the clearing is simply disappointing.

Le Meridien
Tourist Club Area
Cost: AED 155 per head

Holiday Inn
Cost: AED 125 per head

Yas Hotel
Yas Island
Cost: AED 145.00 per head

Vision Hotel Apartments
Tourist Club Area
Cost: AED 90.00 per head

Grand Millenium Al Wahda
next to Al Wahda Mall
Cost: AED 160.00 per head

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