Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dubai Outlet Mall Adventure

Because its Eid and no work, the people from Abu Dhabi are hitting the highways going to Dubai and enjoy the holidays. Most would be heading straight to the beach resorts and enjoy the sun and frolic in the water. Or is it the other way around? Who cares, right?

My husband and I decided to do early christmas shopping. Not that malls here will be busy by then, still, its the perfect time to take advantage of the holidays. So we packed our stuff, wore our lightest outfit and headed out to Dubai. This will be the first time that we are driving to Dubai without any guide - well except for google maps.

The trip started around 10:40 am. I know its already late, but who's keeping track of time? So we took Road No. 10 heading to Shahama. It was quite a long trip. So if you are planning to do a road trip, be sure to pack some chips and lots and lots of water. It also helps if you talk non-stop it will keep the driver awake.  For my case the driver was already annoyed, I guess I'm a talker? (big grin)

After Road No. 10 we took exit 11. While cruising road 11 (Sheik Zayed Road), we were looking for the Truck Road to head to Road 311. Unfortunately, we can't find Truck Road and ended up going straight Road 11. We found exit 53 and took it, which luckily connects to Emirates Road or Road 311.

Along Road 311 we looked for Exit 57 that will lead us to Road 611 which is the main road going to Dubai Outlet Mall.

The road signs were a bit confusing, so we ended up entering the city proper. Road 311 actually leads straight to the city center, watch out for the Burj Khalifa, it will guide you. We took Business Bay road, and eventually found our way back to road 311. We took 311 and looked for Road 66. Luckily Road 66 and Road 311 is almost the same road. While cruising the road, we finally saw the mall's signage. It's a postive sign. Finally we saw the Universal Studios Gate that's when we knew we found the right road.

The trip took almost 3 hours, that is because we got lost. But when we went back to Abu Dhabi, it only took us almost 2 hours. We still took Road 311 but we just followed the signage that heads to Abu Dhabi.

The trip was fun, while I navigate, and check every signage in the street, it was a test of wits. Next holiday, we might check out other emirate city and do another adventure.


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