Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abu Dhabi Visa for Philippine Passport Holder

I have been pretty up to my neck for a couple of weeks and haven't got the time to post something relevant.  And since I'm not really in the mood to work right now, might as well pour it all out where no one gets hurt.

I think I have already posted similar topic on this blog or on the other blog.  Anyway, this is a fresh take on how to apply for visit visa for Philippine passport holder.

With the recent move of the Philippine government, spearheaded by Vice President Binay, changes in Ninoy Aquino International Airport is being implemented.  Actually this is long overdue.  Immigration officers or even airline staffs connived to make this subtle robbery of Filipinos who want to try their luck abroad. It is shameful, I don't want to start with what the people I personally know have gone thru just to make it outside the country.

Hopefully this overhaul of manpower will be beneficial to everyone planning to to go over the greener side of the fence.

Back on the process, rules and procedures often change here in Abu Dhabi.  Especially with applying for visit visa and tourist visa.  My parents are coming over (because they miss me!) as well as my brother.  While asking around on what to do and how to apply for their visa I learned the difference between visit visa and tourist visa.  I was planning to apply for tourist visa for my parents and brother since they will be coming in as tourists.

So we went to the typing center right next to Abu Dhabi Naturalization & Residence Directorate (ADNRD) to apply.  What you need to bring:
      - Passport copy of the person you wish to sponsor
      - Passport size ID picture of the person to be sponsored
      - Your passport copy
      - Salary certificate in Arabic
      - Employment Contract
      - Residence visa copy
      - Residence Contract copy

Turned out, we can apply visa just for my parents.  For my parents we can sponsor them under visit visa.  As for my brother we have to apply for a tourist visa.  Per UAE ruling, only parents, wife and children can be sponsored by any expatriate with a basic salary more than AED 4,000.00.  We spent AED 570.00 for the visit visa per parent.  Plus a deposit of AED1,000.00 and health insurance of AED 40.00.  This deposit will be returned once the visitor, in my case my parents, leave the country.  Thr tourist visa we just visited one travel agency and applied for a tourist visa at a cost of AED 800.00 without deposit.  Alhtough some travel agents will require a deposit ranging from AED 5000-7000.  Also, refundable once the tourist leaves the coutrny.  Visa application will only take 3-5 days.  This visa should be used within 60 days after issuance and holder is allowed to stay in the country for 30 days.

Also, to avoid any problems for relatives or friends visiting UAE, they should have an affidavit of support sent by the person who they will be visiting here in UAE.  This document can be taken from the Philippine Embassy.  You have to fill up a form and attach your passport copy, passport copy of the sponsored person.  Since, its my husband who sponsored my parents we also included our red ribbon-marriage certificate and my passport copy.  The affidavit will take one week to process and will cost AED 100 per person.  Once we got the documents, we sent it to the Philippines through FedEx (Shameless plugging).

Next on my list of things to do is just plan their stay here.



  1. we are trying to invite my mum and brother to visit in uae and been given a visa in uae immigration. now we are having trouble getting a affidavit of support and guarantee as we can't make sense on why do we need to do this as me and my husband are holding a british passport. please advise us, is this a required document to us as well.

    1. hi! is your mum and brother british passport holder as well? the thing about the affidavit of support is something we need when we pass through Philippine Immigration. It is sort of a documentation that will be prove to the Immigration Officer that somebody will support them when they get here. I don't know if this affidavit is also being required with other countries. hope this helps.

  2. hi... is visit visa and tourist visa the same? i was sponsored by my cousin in UAE as tourist visa, i have my affidavit of support and guarantee that my cousin send to me... is it possible that i will still be offloaded by the immigration officer here in the philippines?

    1. As far as I know visit visa is for family members who you can sponsor like parents, wife and kids who will only be staying for a short period here. Tourist is well for tourist. If you have the affidavit of support and other documents to prove that your cousin is here to support your stay I don't think you'll have any problems with that. My brother also had tourist visa and we provided him the affidavit of support. He didn't have any problem with the IO. I hope this helped.