Sunday, August 25, 2013

Singapore After Five Years

My April 2013 was a total nightmare.  First the chasing of the housing thief Mr. Saeed episode then my legal stay in Abu Dhabi took a nose dive.  I will not delve into the dirty details of the latter as I still feel bitter and angry of what happened and what is continuously happening. To make the story short, I get to be a reluctant vacationer.

First stop is my first home abroad: Singapore.  It has been 5 years since I last step foot on this vibrant city.  I must admit, Singapore still is an exciting city.  Aside from re-exploring Singapore - I am visiting my sister.  I get to bond with my cheeky niece.

I often daydream of retracing my steps in Singapore particularly in the food department.  I try to look for cheap noodles here in Abu Dhabi but still that distinct taste of Singapore noodles is just not there.  Though some may say there are a lot of Chinese/Singaporean cuisines in the city - still not the same as that from the kopitiam.

My first day in Singapore was not exactly in Singapore style because we decided to give Jollibee Singapore a try.  My niece was particularly happy about it because there will be fries (shhh!) and my sister was craving for pinoy fast food.  Sad to say though, the chicken was not what I have expected. It is not the same back home.  Anyway, we still binge.  We ordered practically everything on the menu!

After the big bee moment, I had kaya toast.  The thin brown bread with a generous amount of butter and kaya spread is absolute heaven.  For those who are not aware of kaya spread, this is a coconut and egg jam.  If you visit Singapore never forget to try it.

Then came the noodles.  Yes the noodles that I think will never be replicated.  I had mee goreng.  The spicy vegetarian noodle will definitely burn your lips.  For a good reason, of course.  Then the ban mian.  Unfortunately, the store where I got the ban mian is not the same with the one I used to buy from in People's Park in Chinatown.

Mee Goreng

My sister also introduced me to bah kuh teh.  We bought two orders for lunch.  Sadly, I am not a big fan.  It was just too bland for my liking, but the ribs was well cook.  The meat literally falls off the bone.

Bah Kuh Teh

My Singapore rendezvous without a visit to Mustafa.  Who could pass up a chance to scour floor after floor of goodies.  Every visit is totally wallet-killing.

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