Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Seoul Garden Singapore: Shabu-Shabu to the Next Level

A few months ago, when I stopped over Singapore for my last food binging before going back to the land of Shawarma, we went to my fave shabu-shabu spot in Singapore - Seoul Garden.

I discovered this amazing place way back in 2008 when we celebrated a birthday of a good friend.  Honestly, it was a pricey place, even if I was working that time.  The price would just give you a step back before handing in your hard-earned dollar.  The good thing though, it was worth every buck you pay.  You will definitely have your tummy bursting with so much Chinese and Malay food.

The first time I tried this restaurant was at Bugis Mall.  Actually, my second and third time was also there.  I didn't know they have other branches.  Anyway, we had it from Tampines Mall.  We came early so there were a lot of tables available.

We went there on a weekday so we paid for SGD 24.99 and SGD 6.99 for my niece who was soundly sleeping.  First stop, all the marinated meat section, which we dumped on the grilling plate.  In the middle of the grilling plate is a bowl where we could make our own soup too. 

We tried to be creative in making soup.  Unfortunately, we were too distracted between eating the cooked meat and the ready to eat goodies.  Honestly, it was overwhelming.  I wanted to try everything.  I was particularly curious of the Malay desserts.  And as my sister assured me, they were really really good.  She's right!  They didn't disappoint.

I was so full, that we have to walk it off on the floors of Mustafa Center (again!).  If ever I get to stop again in Singapore, no doubt, I' ll still drop by Seoul Garden, even if its expensive, the food is just simply great.

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