Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buying Groceries in Singapore

Part of the daily activity when living in Singapore is buying groceries. Now, groceries are basically everywhere. Grocery stalls are available everywhere specially near HDB's to cater the needs of every household. They sell basic needs for cooking, cleaning the house and washing the clothes. But if you are a particular buyer of groceries there are big names you should try and visit. And believe me, they are worth the visit.

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  1. I truly like your blog, the way you write and topic you covered are simply fantastic. I know how difficult it is to get the site visitors interested. I have made a decision to add your blog to my blog list.

  2. Thank you very much Engagement Ring! I'm just trying to share some interesting parts of my life which might be helpful. Diaries don't expand a circle of friends but blogs do. :)

  3. Hi wordweaver24, other than the brick and mortar grocery stores in Singapore, there are several online grocery store as well. One alternative which I came across recently is the SGPrice iphone app which allows consumer to browse and make order via iPhone. Quite cool as it saves me time and the hassle of carrying bulky items. Do give it a try if you have the chance! :)