Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buying Groceries in Singapore

Part of the daily activity when living in Singapore is buying groceries. Now, groceries are basically everywhere. Grocery stalls are available everywhere specially near HDB's to cater the needs of every household. They sell basic needs for cooking, cleaning the house and washing the clothes. But if you are a particular buyer of groceries there are big names you should try and visit. And believe me, they are worth the visit.

When I was still living in the Tampines area, I did my grocery shopping at Fairprice of Tampines Mall. One because their prices are cheaper by S$1 compared to the small grocery near the HDB I'm staying at. Two because its the nearest grocery store when I alight from the Tampines MRT before taking the bus going to the HDB where my rented room is located. One time, my housemates and I went to this Fairprice supermarket located in Hougang area. It was a big branch and there's a bigger wet market where it sells chicken, pork, beef and seafoods. It is open for 24 hours, I think. The last time I checked it was. But then I have to move house and change grocery store.

My second and last home in Singapore was in Sengkang. There are three grocery stores I frequented depends on my mood. One is the nearest to our HDB, just right across our building. I don't know its name, but its part of the compound where small stalls are selling merchandises that are needed for a house. A kopitiam is also in that compound. The grocery is only good for quick buys that you forgot to buy in the grocery store but need it for your dinner menu. The other grocery store is the one at Compasspoint in Sengkang MRT station. What I like about Cold Storage is that it offers wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Though its a bit pricey than the former supermarket I have mentioned, the accessibility is also a plus.

The second grocery store I like to spend my time roaming around and looking at their products is Giant Hypermarket. This supermarket is right in front of IKEA Singapore. Though a bit inaccessible. Free shuttle bus from Tampines MRT station going to Giant Hypermarket and IKEA is available. But since, I'm already residing in Fernvale, Sengkang, I take two bus rides going there. The nearest bus stop is at the opposiste side of Pei Hwa Secondary School. Take Bus 163, alight after six (6) stops at Block 203B then take Bus 27. After eight (8) stops alight, you'd know you reach the place because you can see the the IKEA and Giant signage outside the buildings. Take the pedestrian overpass. the good thing about Giant supermarket is it has promos and discounted items everyday plus big space for the cart to roam around. Also, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. They also sell other dry goods that are very cheap. They sell fish, chicken and beef except pork. This is the only grocery where its the first time I saw a black dressed chicken. Mix emotions on this one - amaze because of the type of chicken and sad because it looked like a chicken which has bruises all over its body.

The last supermarket which I think is the ultimate supermarket in Singapore is Mustafa Center. This 24/7 supermarket/department store has everything you need. From jewelries, to gadgets, to expensive watches, perfumes, household wares, grocery and souvenir items. You can spend the entire day here without even getting board. Plus they give GST receipts wherein you can refund the taxes you have paid for in your items once you leave the country. The grocery section is located at the second and third level of the building. The only thing I don't like about Mustafa even if they sell cheap stuff is that the aisles are too small. One grocery cart would have difficulty in maneuvering along it. Tip to al those who will be visiting Mustafa Center: don't go there on Sunday - it's full packed! But if you have to go there, try going there around 11 pm of Sunday. So how to get here. Mustafa Center is located in Little India and Farrer Park area. So let us just assume that I will be coming from Sengkang, I will be taking the MRT heading to Harbourfront Station but alight after 7 stops at Farrer Park Station. Walk a little and you will see Serangoon Plaza, behind that building is Mustafa Center.

Since I have discovered the fun of traveling, I learned that one way of knowing the culture of a certain country is through their food. And discovering food is not just through restaurants and hawker stalls, good food can also be found along the aisles of their eclectic grocery stores.


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  2. Thank you very much Engagement Ring! I'm just trying to share some interesting parts of my life which might be helpful. Diaries don't expand a circle of friends but blogs do. :)

  3. Hi wordweaver24, other than the brick and mortar grocery stores in Singapore, there are several online grocery store as well. One alternative which I came across recently is the SGPrice iphone app which allows consumer to browse and make order via iPhone. Quite cool as it saves me time and the hassle of carrying bulky items. Do give it a try if you have the chance! :)