Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold Coffee and My Sweet Tooth

After a sumptuous meal in the city, next to hunt is the best hangout place where you can have your night cap while digesting your dinner and a little lick of sweet indulgences. Since coffee shops are everywhere in Davao city, you can have a pick whatever your mood may be. Here are some of the coffee shops and cake shops that could help escalate your calorie intake for just one night.

This shop started as a small stall under the Values Education school in Marfori. They are famous for their Sans Rival. This pure sugar and butter dessert have elevated in the dessert status, aside from being the after meal partner, this has been given as gifts as well. As the little shop extended, their menu have also grown. Desserts that you should try is their White Chocolate Macadamia Bar (mouthful but its definitely a good bar), Mudpie (despite the name it is way way too delicious to be considered as muddy), chocolate symphony, carrot cake and their cheesecakes. Sans Rival small size costs Php 300. The slices ranges from Php 45 to Php 60. Also, try their Unforgettable Pot Roast and Melt-in-your-mouth Spare Ribs.

Mini Cakes
A few steps away from Lachi's is mini cakes. This cake shop is famous for their - what else? - mini cakes! They have this cupcakes that are so good. Strawberry shortcake, blueberry short cake, Boston Cream mini cake, the list could go on. A must try in their shop is their mini Apple Crumble. This little cake delights can also be packed and given as gifts. Prices ranges from Php 50 and up.

Sugar Munch
Still in the same area - particularly same road but different building is the Sugar Munch. Sugar Munch also features mini sizes of their cakes. They are famous for their Chocolate Mouse cake and Banoffee Pie. Their mini cakes cost ranges from Php 80 to Php130. This mini cakes and actual size cakes are perfect for gifts.

Not so far from these heavenly area is Margie's. Just a few years old in the city, Margie's cakes are already gaining popularity. They sell cakes and cookies. Must try is their Chocolate Monster cake. Their Praline cakes should also be in your list. The shop is located at corner Torrest St. and C.M. Recto St.

Tiny Kitchen
A homey bakeshop that sells foccacia, tiny kitchen had been flocked by bulk buyers on Christmas. Their boxed goodies are given away as Christmas gifts. Among their must try is their flavored sans rival. The bakery is located along Torres St.,

Still in Torres St., not far from Tiny Kitchen is the old timer Bistro. Bistro cakes are the best, in my own opinion, cake in the city. Well, of course my wedding cake supplier is still no. 1 in my heart. Their birthday cakes ranges from Php 600 to Php 1000. Depending on the design and size. Their chiffon has just the right air and the butter filling complements the chiffon cake. Even the icing makes you forget its all sugar. Another best seller for this shop is their charlotte cakes. The blueberry charlotte that I think is not actually a cake, but it definitely looks like one just melts in your mouth. They also offer other flavors of Charlotte cakes in case they ran out of blueberry which is usually before 7 pm. Charlotte cake cost Php 400 and below.

Enough with the pastries, we move now to its partner - coffee! Blugre is the pioneering coffeeshop in the city. Its best seller is the Durian flavored coffee. You can have the Durian Latte, Durian Capuccino or the Iced Durian Coffee. Durian in any coffee mix. They also have goodies that would perfectly go well with their concocted caffeinated drinks. Coffee costs ranges from Php 90 to Php 200.

Kopi Roti
Located at Jacinto Ext., this franchise shop serves the best kopi bun I have ever tasted. I've been to Singapore and back Kopi Roti beats them all. Kopi bun costs Php 80 per piece. They also serve kopi and kaya toast. Must try is their home made iced tea. Smack! Smack!

This coffee shop used to be along Torres St., with the interiors decorated like a "kasagingan" which means banana plantation in vernacular. Among the feature os this shop is their coffee made from organic ingredients and their banana. Their desserts or coffee partners are all made of banana. Must try is their maruya and turon. The shop has moved to C5 building in Roxas Ave., near Ateneo de Davao University.

Just within the buzzing night life area in the city is Kangaroo coffee shop. It has the Australian theme thus the name Kangaroo. Like all coffee shops in the city, it should have something else to offer other than the usual cafe latte or cappuccino or whatever you want to have in your usual caffeine fix be. And that is their civet coffee. If I remember correctly, their civet coffee costs Php 300 per cup. Besides the expensive cost of this coffee, I don't think I'd like to try it though, knowing that this coffee bean is basically the Civet Cat's poop. Anyway, its clean because that is what they only eat.

These are jsut a few of the must stops and must haves in Davao City.  Maybe next time I'll update you with what the city added in the MUST-list.

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  1. i also love to drink coffee with matching sweets like chocolate cake and cookies :)
    and i wanna try to drink coffee in Davao! hee hee
    wish to visit the place soon! :)