Sunday, October 2, 2011

Addicted to Shabu-Shabu

From the Japanese word that means, "swish-swish" - shabu-shabu became a rage for the yuppies who are in search of a new to dining out in style.

I first heard of shabu-shabu when I was in Singapore. We went to this Seoul Garden in Bugis. I thought it was Korean sans the name. But after a few tinkering with Google i have found out that its actually Japanese. Anyhoo, they are all the same to me because of their common denominator - noodles.

One hot Thursday afternoon, we have decided to eat out to this shabu-shabu for lunch. Though its not really a good thing slurping hot soup on a 38 degrees temperature, we decided to check the place.

Hiding among the buildings along Airport Road. This restaurant could definitely bring out the noodle monster in me. The name of the restaurant is something you would defintely forget after 30 seconds of reading it. The name above the entrance door is Inner Mongolia Xiao Wei Yang Catering China. How's that for a mouthful?

But the plate says Little Lamb. quite confusing, I'll stick to the little lamb name thing. It's more recognizable and easy to remember. So we ordered a big hot pot with the shape of yin yang symbol. The other half is for the ordinary soup and the other red one is the spicy one. Thin slices of beef and chicken were next to be delivered on our table. Then the noodles, the seafoods and the vegetables. We dunked everything into the hot pot and wait for it to boil.

After a few stirring, it was boiling and everyone can't wait to dig in. We sample the spicy first, and yes it was as good as I imagine it to be. Tangy and spicy. Just the way I like it. The noodles were also good but too slippery.

We also ordered grilled chicken wings. Definitely the best chicken wings I have tasted. This I think this is one of their best sellers. No wonder people are queueing just to dine in this restaurant. We were 11 sharing that huge hot pot and we only paid AED 252.00 Not bad.

But apart from this restaurant, I was also informed that another shabu-shabu is also offering the same but with better tasting food. That remains to be a quest I have to conquer. Till next weekend I guess.

For now, I will settle for a good meal at this LIttle Lamb.

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