Sunday, October 30, 2011

From Abu Dhabi with Love

It's the most wonderful time of the year, with the kids jingle-belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer It's the most wonderful time of the year...probably on the other side of the globe for my case. While Christmas decors bedeck the walls of every establishment and Christmas songs are blaring from every radio station in my home country, I am the complete opposite of the joy this season brings.

If only I could skip December and make it January after November ends. This will be my first Christmas away from my family and it feels like torture. Anyway, most OFW at this point are already saving up to send money and balikbayan boxes to their loved ones in the Philippines just in time for the exchange gift day. The thing about sending balikbayan boxes, you need to check the price, the inclusive charges and most especially the number of days it will be delivered.

My husband and I have one (1) retainer when it comes to sending out packages. Below are the lists of couriers that delivers to the Philippines.

1. Omeir - (highly recommended) We have been sending boxes via Omeir Cargo for three (3) years now. And I must say, they truly deliver right on time. Omeir cargo is via air freight. Luzon destinations particularly the Metro Manila area will only take 4-6 days. If you want to have it shipped farther south like Mindanao, the delivery will take more or less 10-15 days. Costs for Metro Manila area is only AED 150 for the first 30 Kilos plus 20 for the airwaybill thingy. For Mindanao shipment will be 10.75 per kilo.

2. LBC - the good thing about LBC is that it is one of the oldest and trusted courier by almost all Filipinos abroad. When I was in Singapore, we sent out a small balikbayan box too and it went well. However that was sent October not during the Christmas season. Back to LBC Abu Dhabi. You can call their office and have the box delivered at your unit. The box costs around AED 15 - 20. The downside of going with LBC is the number of days it will take to deliver your package. If you want your package to reach the address by Christmas you have to send it by September. The shipment is via sea freight. Imagine how long the waiting period for the package to reach. It is advisable not to include any perishable items in the package.

3. Khoory Clearing and Forwarding: - This courier was already tested by an officemate and sea freight will take around 45 days if it is Metro Manila Area and costs AED 225 for super jumbo size box. They also have air freight which is quite expensive. for Metro Manila area AED10 per kilo and for Mindanao area is AED 14.0 per kilo.

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