Monday, October 3, 2011

The De-stresser

Before I came here in Abu Dhabi I am frequent visitor to massage salons or spa as we call it in the Philippines. I never forget to book an appointment every other work. Or If I just got back from an official business trip, the first thing I do is pamper myself to one of man's greatest invention - massage.

I have tried a few affordable spa/massage salons in Davao and I must say I miss going to those places. It has been more than a year since a warm comforting hand of a masseuse touched my back. I am burden with the thought that I might not get pregnant if I have a massage, plus the massage here in Abu Dhabi cost a fodtune.

Anyway, I received an awesome gift from my awesome sister and that is a voucher for a scrub and a massage. I was so ecstatic that I called for an appointment the soonest possible time.

So, the day came for my scrub and massage session at Wellness LIG Spa in Electra. It was a bit difficult to find because no signages along the side of the building to show that the spa is in that building. Anyhoo, for those who are interested, Wellness LIG Spa is located at Rose Tower in Electra Road. Landmarks are Abu Dhabi Coop, Adnoc, and Mary Brown. Those are the nearest establishments that could identify you. The shop Veet rent a car is on the same building. Right across Elak Saloon. The spa is located at the Penthouse floor.

When I arrived I was immediatley ushered inside by the masseuse, her name is Ms. Nadine. I'm not exactly sure what her nationality is but I think she is French.

The place is jsut small. It only has 3 beds. I was assigned on the corner bed. It was still dirty, plenty of used towels and pillows are on the floor. Ms. Nadine was still tidying up from the last customer so I have to sit and watch her do her routine before I could have my turn.

Next, I was told to go the washroom and do whatever I need to do before the session. She gave me a towel and told me to take off my clothes. Before the scrub I have to take a sauna bath. I was practically clapping when I found out about the sauna. I haven't done that too for a long time. My eagerness was short lived because turned out I'll just be using the portable sauna. I have to sit inside this little tent where steam will be blown inside. It was as good as a sauna could get.

After the sauna bath, I was told to lie down on the bed. I was butt naked by the way. By the time I was asked to take everything off a deja vu ofmy KL adventure came into mind. I sure hope this isn't the same.

The bed was covered in plastic before laid down then the scrubbing began. My body was so tensed because it was my first time to have body scrub, and believe me every nook and cranny of my body was scrubbed. And I mean everything! After the scrub I took a shower. The thing about the shower thing, she asked me to get up and go to the bathroom, I was only covered on the front. I was walking butt naked with just a plastic covering my back. Good thing though nobody else was inside the area.

When the massage started, I was pretty excited. But only for the first 10 minutes. The massage was not I was expecting. I was used to the precise slow patterned strokes of massages I had in the Philippines. What she did was hurried strokes of feeling and kneading my muscles. Not exactly the relaxing type.

The whole session lasted for 1:45 minutes. It was quite an experience, but I don't think I'll be coming back to that spa in the near future. I'm still thankful, a quarter of stress that I was carrying was taken out.

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