Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cultural Immersion

While I was checking the cinema schedule at the Abu Dhabi Week website, an ad caght my attention.  I usually close most of this advertisements as they usually are not my cup of tea.  But this one, got me checking the website and ended up reading a lot of stuff about arts and culture.  And one Thursday afternoon, my husband and I headed to Saadiyat Island to visit The Treasures of the World by the British Museum.

What pushed me to visit the place?  I am always interested in museums.  Geeky but true.  Quite sad though that I have only visited a few of those in my life but it always give me the feeling of added knowledge.  I feel like I just finished a new course. *big smile*

Back to the mummy, before we went there I emailed the Manarat Al Saadiyat to inquire about viewing hours and the cost for the entrance fee.  You'll never know.  I mean some museums are not free, particularly in my country.  Fortunately this one is free and its open daily even on Fridays, from 10:00 am to 8 pm.

It was easy getting there.  Just take the Mina Road going to Yas Island.  If you usually take this road going to either Ikea or the Ferrari World, you can locate it.  There is only one exit road going to Manarat Saadiyat.  But for those without their own vehicle two public buses pass by the museum Bus No. 404 and 405.

My husband was so excited to take loads of pictures of what is inside the museum, unfortunately, cameras are not allowed.  Anyway, we were told that an audio guide is available by the information counter.  We provided our name and phone number and got our personal audio guide.  Most displays have numbers with the headset on their pedestal.  We just press that one and we'll be informed about each artifact.

First stop is the beginning of civilization - Egypt.  right then and there you'd see their mummy coffin and the mummy itself.  Now, mummies have been interesting in televisions until you come face to face with it.  Well, it gives me the heeby-jeebies.  It was kind of creepy in an interesting way.  Even the jars with the head of animals usually placed next to the mummy.  I thought they were toys for the dead or something.  Turned out, they are containers of their insides. Urk.

The rest of the artifacts are the busts and reliefs from different countries and different time period.  Also, some paintings of famous painters.  I like the Europe part.  It feels like I am there during their rise and fall to power.

After more than an hour of art and history appreciation, I realized that talent and creativity is timeless.  No matter what time period you are and no matter what part of the country you were born at creativity blooms through different expressions.

The Exhibit will be until 17 July 2012.


  1. cool museum! how much is the entrance fee?

  2. would you believe its free? i so love going to museums for free!

  3. would like to go here once, thanx for the bus information,