Monday, May 21, 2012

Remembering Bangkok

Just now, I had a crazy craving for Pad Thai.  I tried cooking one at home and it was far from what ordinary Thai restaurant serves.  This makes me sad.  Then I began daydreaming of boarding the plane and heading to Pad Thai land – Bangkok, Thailand.

Not so long time ago, we visited Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or commonly known as Bangkok.  The city is just like Chinatown of Manila - hot and vibrant at day, wild and exciting at night.  Because I had undergone two surgeries in my lifetime, I have completely forgotten the name of the hotel we stayed at in Pratunam but it serves the best buffet breakfast.  That I will never forget.  It was breakfast overload.  Or was it Singapore?  Never mind.

My parents used to go here to buy stuff like flowers and jewelry, but they didn’t do the tourist-y things.  So that time, it was a first for everyone.  Going around the city is easy.  If you are not yet familiar with their transportation system, you can always count on to their tuk –tuk.  Though they would cost higher than the other public transpo, the thrill of zooming in and out of traffic jam is pretty exciting.  

 We availed of a half day tour to temples and shops in the city and contracted the guide to include in the package a trip to the floating market and the carving center.  The floating market was a bit far from the city center.   What makes the floating market really interesting is the interaction of both local and tourist buyers and sellers.  They actually do the transaction from one boat to another.  It was fun.  My sister bought this wooden toad with a stick inserted on its side.   When you slide the stick along its crooked spine, the froggy sound is produced.  At night, we visited the Phat Pong – the night market of Bangkok, well, sort of.

It was a heaven for the knock-off junkies.  Not that I promote buying pirated stuff, but they look like the real thing.  You can also buy souvenirs in this area.  A warning though, it is not a good idea to bring the kids along on this trip.  This is because, while you stroll from one stall to another buildings that surround the area is blinking with neon lights.  When I say neon lights, it means no other lights but the neon lights from the underwear of the women dancing inside the clubs.  Yes, Phat Pong is also one of the red light districts of this city.

Now back to the topic which started all this reminiscing – food.  I have been to Bangkok but I was not able to sample everything Thai.  Sad, right?  Mostly we ordered Americanized food, but with the Thai twist.  Rice orders will always have a fried egg topped it.  Or red chilli will always be present in any food.  What I love about their street food is their banana fritters or something like that.  We bought this fried banana wrapped in wonton wraps.  It looks and tastes like the turon of my country.  They like to brew tea - anytime and anywhere.  My brother even said while we are walking along one street, “they are weird they cook the vegetable and drink it.”    Hilarious.  That was tea, being brewed Thai style.

Bangkok is definitely the place you would like to come back.  If not for the food, the sights but the authentic beat of the city.


  1. i like the deep fried bananas with sesame seeds! yum yum!

  2. We have Thai visitors here last July. They say that from the countries they have been, they enjoyed Filipino company. They even gave us some token from Thailand and cookies. I hope I can visit their country also.