Friday, May 4, 2012

Romancing Pagudpud (page 1)

Basking in too much culture and history can be overwhelming, good thing our last stop for our Ilocos trip was one of Philippine's honeymoon destination.  You have probably heard of Boracay, Pearl Farm, Puerto Galero and Palawan but you rarely hear about Pagudpud.

Located at the northern part of the Ilocos region, Pagudpud is blessed with so many beautiful sights to visit, especially their beaches.  Pagudpud is a 2-hour bus ride from Laoag.  The bus terminal was just a walking distance from the hotel were staying in Laoag.  We planned to leave early from Laoag to maximize our trip in Pagudpud.  The drivers committed to leave around 8:00 am, unfortunatley it left around 9:00 a.m.  By the way, the bus was a non-airconditioned one, which totally sucks since it was so hot but it only costs around Php 60.00 per head, so we have no choice but to deal with the humidity.

We arrived in Pagudpud around 11 a.m. since the bus has so many stopovers.  While we were contemplating which resort we will be staying one tricyle driver, Kuya Ronald, approached us and offered his tour services.  The price was Php 600.00 for the north tour and another Php 600.00 for the south tour.  It was reasonable enough based on the forums I have read, the price is average rate.  So we closed the deal and have him take us to the resort.

We chose Jun and Carols resort.  The driver warned us that the beach is far from the resort, so when we arrived I asked if we could check the rooms and what is the inclusion of the rate.  The room was quite small for Php 1800 with wifi, but the sad part is we have to walk some 10 minutes to splash into the cerulean blue waters.  So our driver, Kuya Ronald, drove us to Casa Victoria.  there were only 6 rooms in the resort and an additional rooms are being constructed.  We were informed that a room will be available by 2:00 pm.  We checked the place and it was realy really good.  Big and spacious plus there's wifi and the bathroom is uber clean for a price same as Jun and Carol's.  And we checked out their beach front..ohh la la la!!!  It was absolute heaven.

We had our lunch at the resort and waited for our tour to start.  Unfortunately, Kuya Ronald has to attend some sort of a meeting with tricicyle driver association something, so we will be toured around by his nephew.

Here is our North Tour pit stops:

Kabigan Falls

The walk going to the falls is, I'm sorry to say, is around 30 minutes.  So better wear hiking shoes because you'll be passing through rough roads.  The tour guide cost around Php 5.00 per head.  Each group will be guided by the locals who are wearing green shirts with their name on it.  Warning though, they will be asking for tips.  When I say tip, its not the usual Php 10-50 tip.  Manang Leonila asked for a minimum of Php 100.00.  So be ready.

Patapat Viaduct

Paraiso ni Anton

This natural spring, is just right next to the road.  What makes it really beautfiul is that you can't trace where its coming from.

Blue Lagoon

Bantay Abot Cave

Unfortunately for us, the weather was not on our side.  It rained.  Heavily.  It was a downpour. We took shelter from the waiting sheds in the area.  We went back to the resort when the rain temporarily stopped.  Luckily, no rain in the resort area.  My husband decided to test the water of Pagudpud, while I enjoyed the view and the beautiful sunset.

When the moon came up, we decided to check out the rest of the area where we could have our dinner.  We went to another resort for dinner.  There is only one resort which I think gives that romantic honeymoon dinner by the sea and that is at Evangeline's.  I didn't bring any camera so sad to say, I can't post for that moment.  Plenty of foreigners dined at the restaurant.  It was pretty romantic.  At the moment, we actually felt like we are in a vacation.  After a quick stroll by the beach after dinner, we hit the sack for the South Tour.

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  1. Na-excite tuloy ako sa Ilocos trip namin on December. :)

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  2. thanks sis! I already added you in my list. Naku super nice ang Ilocos. promise!