Thursday, June 21, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: The Things That Make Me Happy

And so I got home late and decided to be a bum for the entire night till the next day since I will be working on a rest day. Booo to my boss! He who spends most of his time shouting impossible outputs, drinking Turkish coffee and smoking like a dragon. Enough about my rant. So I was curious about this meme thing. So BC Bloggers Meme open this opportunity to write about different topics. I like it that way, I mean sometimes a given subject makes a more interesting piece.

About the topic. Things that make me happy...(sad to say I'd probably end up writing the same things as my sister, hehe)

 To go on, first on my list is probably baking and cooking. I discovered the fun in baking way back in elementary. My nanay used to bake simple cakes for our merienda. When I was brave enough to hold the knife, I started baking and cooking myself. The best thing about baking and cooking for family is that they eat it with gusto like it was the most heavenly thing they have ever tasted. That's happiness number 1.

 Next, as you guess it, is traveling. Discovering places, tasting their food, smelling their scents and buying souvenirs for the wall - it never stops to enthrall me. Happiness number2.

Third on my list is - tadah! books! I have discovered books the same time i discovered the joy of baking. When I'm not baking I'm tending our bakery while studying or reading a book. I could spend the entire day reading. I love the smell of old books, its like I'm taken into the time when the book was in the hand of the previous owner. I think that's romantic and its my happiness number 3.

Then, comes the fourth, which is music. What would be the world like without music? I think it would be very very sad. Music helps me sleep and keeps me company at night. Music calms my nerves and takes away my stress. Music helps me sharpen my memory. Music just makes the world go round. That's happiness number 4.

Who could live without these people? As the adage go, no man is an island. My life won't be perfect and happy without these people. These people who watches me while I gain and lose weight (not at the same time!). These people who will call anytime and anywhere just to sing me happy birthday. These people who shops for me because I can't seem to force myself to buy stuff for myself alone. These people who would listen to me rant about this and that, he or she. Happiness number 5 - husband, family, and friends.

 Wow, I was not expecting writing most of this in one sitting with one of my hand stuck inside a Cheetos snack. So those were my top five, what about yours?

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  1. I relate to not being able to finish a post when eating chips! Hahaha! Yay to books!

  2. I love the list. I would enjoy them much too;)

  3. What is your kind of music? I love Enya for relaxation, her music is akin to a sleeping pill.

  4. Also my question. What would life be without music? It just isn't possible not to have music because it is the language of the soul.

  5. I want to travel to other places, if this happen I will surely smiling from ear to ear, my list is up at