Sunday, June 10, 2012

That's Probably Amore!

On one of those unscheduled outing on a weekday, we were invited to dine out with some good friends.  And for that night, our theme was simply Italian.  It was recommended to visit Pizza Amore in Tourist Club Area.

We reached the place around 8 pm.  Good thing parking is not a problem in the area, we were able to get right in front of the main door. Once inside, we went straight to the second floor of the restuarant.  It was empty so we sort of have the place on our own.  Which was pretty neat because we could talk as loud as we want (not that we are a boisterous crowd.  We just love to laugh (loudly - if that helps justifying).  Anyway, the place is a a cozy italian restaurant.

The setting gives you the feel of being somewhere in Italy.  Not exactly the center but somewhere hidden. An aquarium is set in the middle and a big screen is blasting    forgetting sarah marshall. the table is set with romantic candle holders. Unfortunately all tea candle is already used up. so we ordered up and had two types of pizza and two types of pasta. one seafood and one non-seafood. of course the non-sesfood was only ordered for me (i know i know i'm missing a lot) oh but i don't have any plans of rushing to the hospital any time soon.

To my surprise one of the pizza has caviar on it. My my my.  This is one classy pizza.  But per husband, its the ordinary caviar.  It was ok, not that spectacular but still how often do you come across a pizza with caviar on it?!.  We also had some aflredo pasta which i love because it was spicy. 

We ordered milkshake and avocado shakes for drinks. All in all it was a great filling meal.. Pizza + Pasta + Italian music crooning in the background.  It was one good night out.


  1. that's new, spicy alfredo! did you try the caviar?

  2. i know! something new. anyhoo, nope, didn't try the caviar. i don't like the way it looks. and besides i'd probably get something weird again.

  3. I am craving for pizza now. hehehe...

  4. at least something new from the usual Super Supreme and Meat Lovers, i wonder if we have Pizza Amore in Dubai...

  5. wow! looks delicious especially that I love pizza.

    **visiting from BC bloggers**