Friday, February 17, 2012

All Aboard!!

A few days before Valentine's day and on a Friday (good bye rest day!), my husband and I packed our bathing stuff and put on our beach outfit. On a winter season, walking towards the parking lot at 5:00 am is sheer torture but for the promise of adventure, we brave the coldness. We left Abu Dhabi 5:15 am and reached Dubai around 6:30 am to embark on the our yacht trip adventure aboard Ekaterina.
This adventure was two months in the making. I mean, I think I made the reservation on December 2011, and it was difficult to check which dates public holidays will fall. But since, winter is still at its peak around December and January, might as well pick February in time for our wedding anniversary and Valentine's celebration. To make the long story short, I made the reservation and was informed to be there by 7:00 am for the pickup since the yacht is located in Fujairah a good two-hours drive from Dubai. So this package includes the following:
- A full day 7-hour of water adventure alongside astonishing landscapes of Fujairah on board one and only sailing yacht in UAE.

 - Transfer from Dubai to Fujairah and back
 - French breakfast with hot croissants and fresh fruits 
- Unlimited juices, soft drinks and water - Special Chef's lunch with grilled fish and meat 
- Swimming in a secluded bay and snorkeling in abundant underwater life 
- Fresh towels provided 
- Fishing dorade, tuna, hamour, etc 
- Speed boat riding
That was what the brochure say, unfortunately there are some downside on the trip. But first the good points. Finding Dubai Marina Yacht Club was pretty difficult. Luckily, we reached the venue 3 minutes before 7:00 am. Parking space was difficult so we opted with valet parking which costs AED 50.00. So we went inside the yacht club waiting area and waited for the rest of the passengers. Unfortunately, we will be going with (I'm sorry to mention) Indians. And they are uber late. We left Dubai 8:00 am an hour after we are supposed to leave because of them. There were 20 of them I guess.
The ride to Fujairah took 2 hours. We passed by beautiful landscapes of limestones. It was breathtaking, I can't believe I'd appreciate a mountain full of rocks. We reached Fujairah, a small city, kindly of sleepy one. Only a few buildings decorated the city. We reached the berthing area and immediately boarded the yacht. It was a huge yacht, a pretty one. There are 6 rooms with ensuite toilet. As promised on the brochure, there were hot croissants and other bread with fresh fruits. Endless flow of coffee, juice, soft drinks and water.
when the yacht left the port, we were already eating. We chose to dine inside instead of outside, simply because the seats outside were already taken. After a healthy breakfast, we stayed outside and enjoyed the view, the cold air and did a lot of picture taking. The trip going to the swimming site was almost 2 hours. When we reached there, I was dismayed. It was exactly not what I have imagine and what their website promised.
The secluded bay, was exactly secluded. Lots of rocks and no trees. The water was not even good to swim at. If you want to scratch your body the whole day, you can jump right into the water with jelly fish everywhere. Plus the water is filled with algae and oil spill. We didn't dare to take a dive. Then we boarded back to the yacht for lunch. Around, 2:00 pm lunch was served. I must admit, the healthy lunch was very sumptuous. Around 3:00 pm we left the area to go back to Fujairah. sun bathing was the best way to while the time. I end up sleeping.
After a few zzzz's we have docked. And its time to go back to Dubai. We arrvied in Dubai around 7:00 pm. As much as we like Dubai, we can't visit the malls anymore because we have work the following day. Sadness. All in all, despite the downside of the whole trip, we enjoyed riding the yacht. It was a luxurious experience. Maybe next time they will change the venue so more tourists and expats will try to avail of their services.


  1. your Abu Dhabi post for some reason reminded me of SATC even though they never went to the beach there. hahaha

    P.S. hehe my dearie, hirap basahin ng text sa blog :)


  2. Yeah, they didn't even promoted the beach here. But you know what they have pretty decent beaches here. I changed the font already. Thanks!