Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Cup of Decaf from the Top

It was two weeks ago when one of my girlfriends celebrated her (ahem!) 26th birthday again.  A lunch out will not likely bring bonding moments as lunch breaks are only good for an hour and a half.  So we decided to have super heavy quick lunch (i don't know how we did it but it is actually possible) and bond over a cup of Joe after work.

We are a loyal fan of (this is a shameless plugging of...)of Starbucks.  I know it's overly hyped but, we loved the coffee plus this coffee shop don't have shisha-ers (if there is such a word).  We get to inhale coffee air and not any other kind of air.  But for that night we decided to try other coffee brewers in town.  The pick of the night - Cafe Colombiano.

I'm not sure where I've heard of this cafe but I went along.  We went to Abu Dhabi Marina Mall.  So I was a bit delighted when they told me that the cafe is the one at the top of the tower.  If you are familiar with the mall, it has a tower, which is well known for the revolving restaurant at the top of it.  Tiara, the revolving restaurant, is almost always packed so you need to have a reservation.  And I thought we were going there.  Not quite.  You see, that disc-like part of the tower has two floor.  The top floor is for Tiara and the lower part is for Colombiano coffee shop.  If you look at the tower at night.  You'd see two lights surrounding the structure on top of the tower.  The blue light is for Tiara and the yellow one is for Colombiano.

Getting there, you go inside the mall and straight into the ice rink, you'd see the colombiano cafe at the back of that cafe you would see two lifts.  Ushers will meet you there and will ask you where you want to go.  The left side lift is for the coffee shop and the right side is for the restaurant.  We were ushered to the left lift and off we go.

 When we reached the coffee shop we checked the place and looked for the perfect spot.  But you know what, everywhere is a good spot.  Since it is a circular structure every angle has a good view.  We took a seat and check out what is in the menu.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to read the menu because the place was so dark.  Each table only has one tea light to illuminate the area.  It was really dark.  Maybe this is for us to enjoy the view.

We ordered, two orders of french fries, two orders of mushroom omelette, hot white chocolate, some ice cream and some cold frape.  It took some time for our orders to arrive.  We were informed that something to do with the kitchen down stairs. So when it finally arrived, we were so excited to taste everything.  I must say, their fries was perfectly cooked.  Not oily but crispy.  The omellete was also good, it has some toasts and marmalade.  The sad part is the hot white choco we ordered.  It was too sweet.  We ordered water to add into our drinks, unfortunately it was still sweet.  Didn't enjoyed the drink much.

The staff was also friendly, they even sang happy birthday with a little chocolate tart for our friend.  The night went well, despite the sweet drinks.  The venue was romantic, the food was alright and the company was perfect.  All in all, a good night.

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