Friday, February 3, 2012

Get High by Shopping in Dubai

Just when the Christmas and New Year fever subsided and the pockets are already empty, Dubai announced their annual DSF 2012.  I remember, last year, I just started my job when the DSF started, Imagine how sad I was when every store and malls in Dubai must be screaming with huge discounts.  Oh, and DSF simply means – Dubai Shopping Festival.

Like in Singapore, they have the Great Singapore Sale annually celebrated on the last week of May until the third week of June, Dubai has the DSF.  This year it started on January 5, 2012 and will be ending on February 5, 2012.  This one month super sale is for all malls and shopping stores in Dubai.  Since, I was not able to grab hold of anything cheap last year, this year I came prepared to conquer Dubai.  

We left Abu Dhabi a bit early on a Friday.  Unfortunately we got stuck on one of our purpose in going to Dubai, we were looking for the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.  The Interchange in Dubai is very confusing.  Anyway, our first stop was supposed to be Emirates Mall.  Unfortunately again, we were not able to go inside the mall.  We didn’t have trouble finding the mall, we got inside the parking area and my husband made a wrong move we ended up going out of the mall again.  Basically we just sniffed the parking area of Emirates Mall.  For outsiders like us, the road map is too complicated to check again and again.  So we decided to go straight to my favorite mall, Dubai Mall.  

Once inside the busy mall, I was so overwhelmed.  Every store hung red posters with the word emblazoned in white color word SALE.  The mall was discount heaven.  We went from one shop to another.  And we have to control ourselves from spending too much.  Everything was bottom price.  Giddy!  If you are a slippers addict, Havaianas are selling their basic slippers AED 30.00 only.  Even Billabong sells men’s slippers AED 30.00 also.  Home Center in Dubai are also on sale up to 70% discount.  Most beach apparels and winter clothes are priced at the lowest.  I’ll attach some of our purchases which I must admit are pretty good buys.

We didn’t spend the entire day at Dubai Mall, we have to leave early again for some other commitments.  With a sad face I have to bid the mall and all stores on sale goodbye.  Till the next year I guess.    


  1. Wow! Such nice finds! ^__^ It's a shame though that you had to leave early. :( As you said, there is a next time. Maybe within this year, there will be another sale again. :)

    Your post makes me excited for our UAE trip on March. My sister, Larla, invited my mom and I to visit her. Both of us are excited with visiting the sites and shopping, hehe.

  2. Goody sis!! You should try the desert safari thing. You haven't been to UAE if you haven't gone sand bashing. Enjoy!

  3. UAE is desert home if any body can enjoy from its desert they are not travel .for enjoying it real beauty must go to its desert safari. it is natural beauty.

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