Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rendezvous in Baguio

While I was walking home last night, I can't help notice that the air is getting warmer already.  I guess its time to bid winter goodbye and a hello to summer.  Winter end so soon.  I still like wearing clothes in layer.  It makes me feel like I'm in another country.  Summer in the middle east stretch in in a long period.  It starts to get warm around April until September, unlike in the Philippines, March marks the beginning of summer with sun bathing and sun blocks tops the list.

But for those who has a slight aversion to the heat and sun they escape to Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines.  Ironic as it is, Baguio has a cooler temperature compared to the rest of the archipelago hardly the actual temeprature of summer in the Philippines.

Anyway, my first and last visit to this city was a few years back.  And I must say, it was hardly memorable at all.  The whole trip gave me a heavy migraine.

We left Manila around 10:00 pm, via Victory Liner.  I forgot the fare already because I was not the one who paid for it. (wink wink) We arrived in Baguio around 5:00 am.  It was still dark but the bus terminal was already buzzing with life.  Still sleepy and tired, we try to look for a taxi that will take us to our hotel.  There were plenty of drivers who offer tour packages if you don't have a set plan.  My tatay haggled with one nice guy, we got a total of Php 6000.00 for the 6 of us. 

Since it was still early, when we arrived at the hotel, the apartment that we reserved is not yet ready, so we decided to have breakfast and start with our tour.  We left our stuff at the hotel, which I'm sorry to say I completely forgot the name.  So here are the places where we had our pictures taken or just ate something:

*  Session Road:

The busy street where we had our breakfast, where else? Jollibee!

*  Lourdes Grotto:

We had to climb the stairs, but my parents and aunt opted to enjoy the view from below.  so with my sister and brother, we hiked up and well looked at the grotto.  WE stopped by to check souvenir stalls at the landing where a "kindly" old lady told us to wear their native headdress and make a pose so somebody could take our picture, she posed with us.  We were all up for it, until the picture was taken and she asked us to pay Php50 for the picture.  Seriously???  Anyway, we paid.


The place is a combination of relic and discipline.  Some old weapons like canons and old aircrafts are parked on one of the areas.  And on the other field are new recruits doing their daily exercise. 

*  Camp John Hay

The park was simple homey.  We didn't stick around that long to roam the entire ground.  We just had this short guided tour on one of the areas.

*  The Mansion

The Mansion or the little Malacanang of the North.  I hope I get the title right though.  But it sounds like it.  It was ok, but I hav appreciated more the sweet corn being sold on the opposite road.  Sorry!

* The Bell Tower

Reminded me so much of our Hongkong trips. 

* Good Shepherd Convent

Home of the delicious Ube Jam.  I can't believe one bottle costs so much.  This is also where we bought our pasalubongs like the peanut britttle and other sweet goodies.

We had our merienda near this market where a lot of "ukay-ukay" vendors are stationed.  We had sundae with strawberries, of course!  We had our dinner at SM Baguio which is so packed.  You'd get so dizzy just walking around.  We went to our hotel around 7:00 pm and decided to rest.  We woke up around 2:00 am and headed to the bus station to go back to Manila. 

It was a quick tour in the dizzying city.  I'm not so fascinated with the place, maybe because the houses and the roads that rise and fall gives me a big headache.  Maybe next time I'll give Baguio another try.