Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Making a Good Choice at The Choices,Yas Island Rotana

A recent opportunity lead us to Yas Island on a sunny Friday afternoon.  As much as we want to laze around and sleep practically the whole day, the brunch service of Yas Rotana hotel is only from 12 noon to 4 pm.  We have to make the most of it.  Besides, who could pass up a chance for an international buffet?

Yas Island is a short drive from Abu Dhabi city.  This is where Ikea (weeho!), The Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld and the Formula One racetrack is located.  Locating Yas Island Rotana was easy because it is situated on the part of the island near the race track.  If you are coming from Abu Dhabi you can take Corniche Road thru Mina Road.  Once you are in Yas Island, follow the signage that states Yas Leisure Drive.  It will lead you to all the hotels in Yas Island - Centro, Crowne Plaza and Radisson Blu.  The drive was tricky, because the main entrance is a bit narrow and you won't easily notice it.  Both Yas Island Rotana and Centro share the same driveway.

The parking is at the basement of Centro hotel and doesn't have an entrance to the Yas Island Rotana hotel.  So you have to pass thru the Centro hotel before you get to the Yas Island Rotana.

The Choices restaurant is just one of the restaurants of the hotel and its located on the ground floor, opposite the main front desk.  Friday brunch is always a jam packed day for the restaurant.  We had to make a reservation a week ahead.

We arrived there around 1:45 pm and it was already buzzing with hungry diners.  Most of the diners were hotel guests and some expat's family.  I was so ecstatic because they have a counter for Ethnic food.  And they have chicken biryani! The international menu was impressive.  Especially the roasted meats.  I love their roasted chicken.  It was juicy and tasty.

my biryani!
I nearly overlooked the salad bar, because it was situated opposite the mains.  I was hoping that the arrangement of the salad would be right next to the mains.  Unfortunately, the sushi bar was around the corner next to the mains.  Hohum.  Plus, there's not much salad ingredients and dressings.  It was a bit of a letdown.

They also have a crepe station and you can choose whatever topping you want..  I was sort of hoping for a pancake or waffle station since its a brunch.  I was not so happy with the dessert station.  Yes, they have the chocolate fountain which is a hit with the kids, but there is nothing appetizing with chocolate dripping (Sorry, I'm not a chocolate lover).

About the dessert bar, while I was checking what they were serving.  There's not much that could fix my sugar craving.  So I got some chocolate pudding on a shot glass, some banana beignets and some French macaroons.  Although, they serve some mini cakes, I didn't get some as they look too dry for my liking.  I like my cake dense or fudgy.  Hey, I'm choosy when it comes to cakes, so no judging.

I didn't take much pictures as I felt too embarrass to take some.  All in all the dining experience in The Choices restaurant was incredibly scrumptious.  The service was also good.  Everybody was accommodating.  And the plates were cleared immediately.  A lot of the staff roam the floor to assist diners in their needs.  A must visit if you feel like splurging on good food with a classy ambiance.

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