Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Royal Treatment

Thai cuisine has always been on my top list of go-to food whenever I feel like binging.  I have tried cooking Thai but its always a disaster, so I rather have it ordered than cook it myself.

A have this voucher expiring soon and its from Royal Orchid.  I was not so keen in using it because the name of the restaurant doesn't ring a bell.  While I was feeling a bit adventurous, I checked the net for any information about this Royal Orchid Restaurant.  Lo and behold, I was surprised that this restaurant has received a number of awards. 

(got the picture from roundmenu)
So we decided to try out the place.  The restaurant is located behind ADCB bank corner Salam St and Electra Street.  It is also near ADNOC with the Marry Brown fast food.  We wanted to make that night a little bit special with a bottle of red, that's why we opted to eat dinner at home (by the way, alcohol is not normally served here).  Around 6:30 I called to make the order and to pick up the food.  I was informed that they will only open around 7 pm.  So they will not be taking any orders until then.  When we went there, there's no customer yet, I was greeted with two lovely ladies, and immediately accommodated me.

The ordering didn't take much time.  I was informed that it will only take 15 minutes.  We have to buy something else, so I told them I'll just come back.  A few moments later, I received a call from them informing me that my order is already ready.  When I got to the place, they were already waiting with my order.

from left to right: paking duck, lettuce, lemon chicken and pad thai.

I must say, the service is excellent.  At home, when the table was set and ready to go, we dug in.  We ordered Lettuce wraps with Peking Duck, Honey Lemon Crispy chicken and Chicken Pad Thai.  All of it are amazing.  We couldn't stop eating until there was none left.  There's only a few Thai restaurants in the city and most of them are not so good except for one place - Taste of Thailand in Al Ain Palace Hotel.  They have authentic Thai food but quite expensive.

The food, the price, the service - Royal Orchid is something one should visit whatever the occasion may be.

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