Sunday, January 16, 2011

Culinary Feast in the Land of Zaby

While chatting with my husband who is already back in Abu Dhabi, I was asking him what his dinner would be for the day.  Back when I was there, I cook and basically the menu consisted of Filipino dishes that I know is healthy and easy to prepare.  But sometimes its fun to go out and explore other small shops that offer authentic cuisines of the middle east.  Here 's a little rundown of the food I have sampled:

Beef Fry: This Indian dish would definitely help you eat loads and loads of rice.  Warning to those who are trying to control their weight and wants to stay out of carbo load this dish will definitely bring you to the brink of your self control.  The soft beef fried with different spices that bursts in your mouth while the lingering burn of the chilies give it more kick.  This dish can be bought in any small Indian shops that sell viands.  Also malls like Lulu Center and Carrefour sells them.

Curry Sauce and Paratha:  Another Indian dish this combo is often sold together with the beef fry.  The paratha is sort of an oily bread but in a healthy way.   This is perfect for vegetarians.  When eating you can use your hands cut a small portion and dip it into the curry sauce.  This can be taken as snack or a meal depends on how many paratha you can finish.

Kubus and Hummus:  Like the former combo I have mentioned, this combo is also considered as snack or an appetizer.  The kubos is an Arabian bread dipped into the hummus which is made of grounded chickpeas.  The hummus is usually bland thus it is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for a more appealing taste.  This combo is often accompanied by roasted chicken to complete the meal.

Arabic Pizza:  While Abu Dhabi is flanked with western pizza restaurants, the locals have their own version of pizza.  And I must say I prefer it more than the commercialized ones.  Not just because it is a lot cheaper but taste wise they are lip smacking good.  Most of its toppings are the same except for the kind of meat you prefer they have chicken or beef.  The rest of the toppings are cheese, tomato sauce, olives, olive oil, green bell peppers and onions.  All of these are dumped into a chewy dough that is quite heavy for one slice alone.  Shameless plugging for Gulf Pastry their large pizza only costs 15 AED.

Yogurt:  If you are a yogurt fan, Abu Dhabi would be your heaven!  From the small shops to the big grocery stores yogurt is sold.  They have full fat, low fat and the flavored ones.  And they cost cheap too.  Flavored yogurt like raspberries and cherries only cost 1 AED for one piece.  Lovely!

I could go on with writing about food but I could already feel my tummy grumbling.  This thinking of food makes my stomach violent.  Have to stop before I could no longer control myself and raid the fridge.  I'll write more soon.

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