Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Noodle Soup for the Rainy Night

The other night, on our way home doing some little shopping for my father's upcoming trip to his hometown Ibajay, Aklan heavy rain accompanied us.  I was smiling the whole time.  I love the rain and it just makes me want to snuggle beneath the sheets and dream the night away but for the rest of the people outside the car rushing for cover it was nightmare.  So we were driving a bit slower than usual, because my mother goes berserk when the speed goes over 40 kph and its rainy.  The road is slippery as she always justify.  And I was already thinking about food.  And what could be the best companion on a rainy night?  Noodle soup!  Of course, hot chocolate with marshmallows will also be on the top 3 list, but noodle soup?  Well, its a whole lot different.  This lures me back to my misadventures in Singapore.

Why I love Singapore so much, is because of all the noodle shops scattered everywhere.  I love noodles.  I could eat noodles for a month and still won't get enough of it.  Since my previous office is located in Chinatown we often take our lunch at the people's park building.  It is right across Pagoda street.  The ground floor of the building houses lots and lots of shops that sells all kinds of noodles.  My all time favorite is the one located at the farthest right when you enter the building.  For 5 months that I was there  eating almost everyday, I can't seem to remember the name of the shop.  Anyway, I always order meehon with fried egg.  Sometimes, I add another side dish if I feel a little generous on that day.  However, if I have some sandwiches which I prepared that day my office mate and I order mee goreng and share it.  Mee goreng is basically a Malaysian vegetarian noodle dish cook with so many chilies in it.  By the time you are in your 5th bite you would definitely be sweating already, thus the sharing scheme.  On the farther left on the other hand also sells noodles.  I don't know what really is its name but its really really good.  Boiled noodles seasoned with soy sauce and a bit of chili and garnished with grilled pork.  It even has a wanton soup to go with it as part of the meal.

For rainy days, which often happens anytime in Singapore, my office mate and I would go to another noodle shop that sells Ban Mian.  This is definitely the noodle soup you should not miss to eat when visiting Singapore.  Ban Mian has this wide flat noodles floating in a rich soup topped with minced pork, some vegetables, and some fried anchovies.  We often put some soy sauce with chili to go with it to give it a little kick.  Almost all noodles in Singapore have chili as side dish.  And its perfect combination.

There are gazillion choices of noodles to choose from.  If traveling in this country, might as well try them all and be the judge.

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