Thursday, January 13, 2011

Green Abu Dhabi: Where the Rain Rarely Visits

As I am enjoying a rainy night inside my room and still encased in my warm bubble of vacation bliss, I could not help but smile as the music of falling raindrops plays a symphony by my window.  I hardly experience this while living in Abu Dhabi.

For the past six months, since I have joined my husband in Abu Dhabi, rain rarely happens.   They say it only shows up when the weather will start to change or the season turns over to a new one.  And it actually did, unfortunately the rain came so fast and it was over too soon.  I didn't even noticed it rained that night.  I thought the loud rumbling outside was just the garbage truck arriving too early for its usual daily routine but it was actually the thunder.  Unlike here in my country, particularly my city, when December hits, it will start raining.

Despite the infrequent visit of rain in the desert, still Abu Dhabi glisten with green-ness, if there is such a word.  Anywhere in Abu Dhabi you would see specks of green.  From the palm trees along the road island, to the parks scattered everywhere and even outside the malls are decorated with date trees.  When you are mobile, you would see colorful flowers are blooming in varied wild colors.  During the weekend, most family would spend the day in the park, lounging on the thick carpet of grass that covers it.  Even the Corniche is decorated with gardens.  And they say gardening is impossible in the desert, they have to see it first to believe that it is way too possible.

I am slightly missing my second home, Abu Dhabi, already.  The exotic buzz of a different country perks up my curiosity.  And I can't help but want to explore it more and more.  I remember what my graduate study professor told me, "if you want to know a city deeply, walk and explore it to feel its beat."  That's exactly what I did.  Not the walk thing though, I took the bus.  I always have a penchant for riding huge buses and going to places.  I love it.  I don't know why, but I just do.  One day, after I did some little grocery at the Lulu Center at Al Wahda Mall, I hopped on to bus 54 so sure that that same bus would pass along Hamdan Street where we are residing.  I didn't see the sign where it was actually going.  I stayed calm, but after 15 minutes, the streets and buildings are no longer familiar, my heart began to race but I stayed calm.  It crossed a bridge and I begin to panic because I might already be going to another island way too far from Abu Dhabi already.  I tried to stay calm, the driver was already giving me a funny look.  When I turned around I was the only remaining passenger in the bus.  That's when I wanted to cry.  So I called my husband which was no help at all because I only got an earful of "I told you so" sermon.  Luckily, the driver was nice enough to explain that I should have taken the same bus number 54 but from the bus station right across the mall.  To make the story short, I ended up riding the bus for at least 2 hours, which would actually take me like 10-15 minutes taxi ride going home.   The good thing though I only paid 1 dirham.  All bus going anywhere in Abu Dhabi only costs 1 dirham.  And that my friend is exploration.

I miss my misadventures.  I hope I get to do more soon.  For the meantime, I'll enjoy my raindrop orchestra.

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