Friday, January 14, 2011

Singapore: My First Home Abroad

Burp!  Full stomach tonight.  I don't think I could still breath properly and I'm beginning to worry about my incision.  Is it possible that it could open up because of too much eating?  I hope not.  Need to ask my OBGYN though for precaution.  And despite the full tummy, I was still craving for some kopi bun on the way home.  This is really embarrassing, I'm not even pregnant yet but I am already eating like one.  Oh well.  So we stopped by Kopi Roti a coffee shop in Davao City that sells kopi bun, kaya toast and good Singaporean coffee.

Hi! I've moved my blog here.  See you!

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  1. This blog makes me happy as I have an obsession with Singapore and would do anything to land up there,luckily I have family there so I visit every's one of th most clean,livable and people friendly city I have ever been to, my aim in life is o get there ASAP..can't wait..