Friday, January 14, 2011

Singapore: My First Home Abroad

Burp!  Full stomach tonight.  I don't think I could still breath properly and I'm beginning to worry about my incision.  Is it possible that it could open up because of too much eating?  I hope not.  Need to ask my OBGYN though for precaution.  And despite the full tummy, I was still craving for some kopi bun on the way home.  This is really embarrassing, I'm not even pregnant yet but I am already eating like one.  Oh well.  So we stopped by Kopi Roti a coffee shop in Davao City that sells kopi bun, kaya toast and good Singaporean coffee.

Sigh.  I miss Singapore.  After the take out of kopi buns and homemade iced teas, the drive going home reminded me of my adventures in Singapore and my life there for about 5 months.

The first time I stepped foot on the shopping mecca of Asia was on 2005 and it was love at first sight.  The busy buzz of the city excites me, while we were strolling along the Orchard road, basking on the shops that sells too expensive stuff.  I can't help but gawk at the designs of the buildings.  The food sold at any kopitiam in every mall and corners is dimsum heaven!  Never miss out on the S$1 ice cream along the road.  Yummy!  That's when I promised myself I'm going to live in Singapore by hook or by crook.

By 2007, we again had another family vacation and my yearning for this eclectic country still grows stronger.  Every mall I discover, every new food I taste makes me all the more obsessed in finally finding a job and breath in the life of the city.  This became a reality a year after, 2008.

It all happened so quickly, I got laid off from work, I started applying online and decided to try my luck.  I set some appointment with employers for interviews.  And the first company I visited was a jackpot.  I got hired on the spot and now I could finally make my dream a reality.  Or so I thought.

My work experience in Singapore was another story and too dark to print it out.  Let us just say it didn'tt work out the way I wanted it to be.  I got burned.  Actually all Filipinos working there in our company got burned with so much injustice.  I'll tell more about it some other time.  Now to the brighter side, despite that experience, I gained a lot of insights in living in Singapore.

Back then, I have no friends to bond with during the weekends so I try to discover places and food in the city.  I lived in Tampines that's somewhere near the airport and quite far from where I work which is in Chinatown.  A good one hour MRT ride.  This is what I love about Singapore, the MRT roaming around is so easy.  Even the bus are aplenty.  You don't have to wait too long for the next one to arrive.  Bus stations have queuing metals so you get to be prioritized in accommodation.  Taxis are quite expensive, this is only recommended if you are trying to go somewhere you are not familiar with or the bus station and/or the MRT is quite far from that destination.  But the fastest and most reliable way of going from one place to another is by walking.  Don't worry about all those heavy soups and noodles you took for lunch you can burn them down by walking along the clean streets with fascinating scenes and views.

I could go on about Singapore, but I have to stop, I'll write more on going to places where you can  buy the best stuff and how to go there the next time I get hold of my writing mood.  Want some kopi?

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  1. This blog makes me happy as I have an obsession with Singapore and would do anything to land up there,luckily I have family there so I visit every's one of th most clean,livable and people friendly city I have ever been to, my aim in life is o get there ASAP..can't wait..